March 2009 Issue

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For your information, I have accepted the call to Pastor the good people of Southern Baptist Church, in Cincinnati, Ohio. My last Sunday at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, in Dayton, Ohio, will be Sunday, May 10, 2009.

We are working on the installation service details. Please keep both churches and my family in your prayers.

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Devotional Thought
The following are notes from a sermon I preached to the good people of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, in Dayton, Ohio.

After We Suffer "A Little While"

I Peter 5:8-11 “We should work on resisting and suffering with hope.”

I. Resisting. As in the text, the devil is out to destroy believers. We are to resist him, by way of exercising self-control (see Gal. 5:22-23), being alert (see Mk. 13:33), standing firm in our faith, and being aware that there are other believers suffering along with us.

Our faith should be built on accepting Jesus as our savior by faith and then loving God, ourselves, and others (see Jn. 3:16; Mk. 12:29-31), with confidence that God will take care of His own (see Rom. 8:28).

II. Suffering With Hope. As in the text, no matter how close we claim to be to God, we can expect some suffering. Some suffering is because people are reaping what they have sown (see Gal. 6:7). Others are suffering simply because they are on the Lord's side.

We should remember that suffering only lasts for a little while. Even fifty years of suffering is "a little while," when compared to 50,000 years with the Lord in eternity (see Jn. 3:16; II Pet. 3:8).

We should remember that God will restore us, but according to His own timing. Therefore, we must prayerfully study and obey God’s Word with Christian support (see Rom. 10:17; Jm. 2:17; Col. 3:16), so we can develop the faith to wait on the Lord to work out His blessed plan for us.

When we grow to resist the devil and suffer with hope in God’s restoration, we will have a better idea of why Peter stopped and praised the Lord, in I Peter 5:11. Let’s praise God, in light of how good He has been, is being, and shall yet be to us (see Ps. 100:1-6).

… Will you obey God? Ask God to help you, in the name of Jesus. God will take care of His own! …

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