December 2009 Issue

In November, we celebrated our first year website anniversary, and recommitment to our mission of providing quality and helpful Christian living information.

We take our hundreds of newsletter subscribers and over a thousand visits a month as evidence that this website is really a Christian internet ministry.

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Recent Enhancements and Articles
In November, we added the "Encouragement" tab (click here to see), which links to the article and free ebooklet "How to Encourage Yourself: 21 Practical Tips."

In less than a month, hundreds of people were blessed by this article and ebooklet. During especially the holiday season, so many people are discouraged, sad, and lonely.

Click here to request your copy of the ebooklet.

We added the "Share this Site" tab (click here to see), which gives tips on how you can help others be blessed by this website. You never know how your telling loved ones and contacts about an article, devotional, or set of Bible study notes will bless their lives.

We enhanced the "Sunday School Material" (click here to see) and "Bible Study Notes" (click here to see) tabs. Now you can pull up the webpage with a printable page in a little less time.

We also added the following articles and study notes:
- Why is Sunday School Attendance so Important?
- How to Get the Most Out of Sunday School
- How to Encourage Yourself: 21 Practical Tips

- Sunday School Material: A Son is Born
- Sunday School Material: The Foreshadowing of Messiah's Birth

In December, we will start having weekly, instead of just monthly, newsletters. This way, Sunday School teachers, students, and those following along with the Bible study at , will have timely material.

So, on the Sunday School Material tab, we will have study notes in Matthew. On the Bible Study Notes tab, we will continue with Mark. Great articles will be added to the Christian Growth and Devotional tabs. Daphene is working on helpful Christian Health articles.

Your Input
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Keep us in your prayers,
Dr. Robert E. Baines, Jr.

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