Victorious Singing

(Judges 5:1-2; Pas. Baines, Jr. 10/2018)

Introduction: It is true that faith without works is dead. But it is also true that faith with works still leads to victory. As God blessed the faith based work in our text, He is able to do the same for us. This discussion centers on how, “We should work on victorious singing.”

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Key Points:

1. God often calls us to fight and work. Notice Judges 4:6-7 shows that fighting the enemy was God’s idea. Passages like II Timothy 2:3-4; Ephesians 6:12-13; and I Peter 5:8 urges us to be willing to fight and work for what God has for us, because the devil is fighting and working to keep us from our blessings.

Personal well being – happiness (see Col. 3:2), health, and wealth – often call for fighting and working for our blessings. Blessed families, communities, and churches call for our being willing to fight and work for what God has for us.

There is a place for fighting against unjust systems. But we must never neglect our personal responsibilities (see Jm. 4:17). Let’s work on fighting and working for what God has for us. 

2. We often fight better as a team. Notice in Judges 4:14-17 that the people fought as a team, not as individual vigilante groups. On one hand, there are too many people who don’t fight or work enough.

And on the other hand, there are those who try to run off and take matters into their own hands. Passages like Romans 12:5 and Mark 3:24-25 urge us to work together. Let’s work on fighting and working as a team, instead of simply as individuals. 

3. Teamwork. Notice Romans 12:5 implies teamwork – many members of the same body. First, teamwork calls for doing what is best for the team.

In Judges 4, beating the enemy was better for the people of God than Barack getting the glory.“What is best for the team” often calls for written team goals, plans, budgets, and the like that are agreed upon by the team.

Second, teamwork calls for each team member doing his/her part. As the princes gave leadership and the people willingly offered themselves in Judges 5:1-2, every member of the team is called to do their part (see Eph. 2:10).

There seems to be too many people who are unwilling to serve the Lord unless they get the love, respect, and appreciated from people that they want. Passages like Luke 22:42; 17:7-10 are great passages that support our growing beyond such immature thoughts. Any positive feelings you get from service should be dessert, not the meal.

Third, teamwork calls for accountable. Without accountability – checking in with one another about our progress and performance, we are subject to have all kinds of trouble adjusting to program and people problems that are sure to come up. Acts 4:23-24 is an example of ministry accountability. Let’s work on teamwork. 

4. Thank God for united and sound singing. Notice in Judges 5:1-2 that Deborah and Barak sang together about how the Lord made a way for them. Church singing may be at its best when we sing together.

Every believer ought to have at least a piece of a song that they can sing by themselves (see Ps. 34:3). And then our singing should both make biblical sense and express our commitment to obeying God’s will. Otherwise, we are just playing church (see Mt. 15:8; 7:20). Let’s work on united and sound singing. 

5. Remember that God is the hero. Notice in Judges 5:2 that the Lord is to be praised. Some may ask, “Why does God get the credit, if we are the ones doing the fighting and working”?

God gets the credit because whatever we think we did God gave us the ability to do it (e.g., we are using His body, mind, and resources). We give God the credit because He always adds His grace to our efforts. With His grace a school boy’s lunch can feed over 5,000 people.

But without His grace, Goliaths are not destroyed by Davids. John 15:5 teaches that without the Lord, we can do nothing. Let’s work on singing about God being our hero.

What is one thing you will take from this session and work on, regarding your discipleship goals?

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