True Godliness

(I Corinthians 8:6-13; Pas. Baines, Jr. 5/2019)

Introduction: Many of us want the Lord to be pleased with our lives. The greatest measure of godliness and best way to please the Lord is to practice loving one another. This is one of the values of the church. Today’s discussion centers around how, We should work on godly love."

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Key Points:
1. God is the source. Notice passages like James 1:17 teaches that God is the giver of every good and perfect gift. ….. Let’s be mindful that God is the source of all that is good.

2. God should be the aim.
Notice that passages like I Peter 4:11 teaches that we should do everything for God’s glory. .....Let’s work on making sure that God is the aim of our lives.

3. Check your list. Notice in passages like I Corinthians 13:11 that as we grow up, we leave somethings behind. ….. Let’s work on keeping loving one another at the top of our list.

4. Discern the difference between wicked and weak. Passages like Matthew 3:7; 21:12-13 support the idea that some people are more wicked than weak – even in the religious community. .....Let’s work on discerning God’s will.

5. Help the weak grow up.
Notice passages like Ephesians 4:11-16 urges the strong to help the weak grow up. .....Let’s work on helping one another grow in the Lord.
What is one thing you will take from this material and work on, in regard to your discipleship goals?

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