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Tribute to Dad …Did you or do you have a special father? Have you really given thought to what lessons you have learned from him? Have you made preparations for your own date with death? This page is dedicated to the book that I wrote as a tribute to my dad. The actually title of the book is “From Skippers, Virginia to Eternal Life.”

You can purchase a copy from (click From Skippers, Virginia to Eternal Life to purchase). Or I would recommend that you click the image below and purchase the ebook/pdf (i.e., portable document format) version. The ebook can be in your devise in minutes and only costs $4.95. Click this image to purchase your ebook.

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Benefits of the book

- You will learn about and be inspired by my dad’s life and legacy. This will be inspiring to especially those who think they come from such humble beginnings that God cannot do great things through you.

- You will learn about twenty lessons that I learned from my father that influence my personal life and ministry. These lessons will be reinforcing to some and challenging to others.

- In chapter 6, you will learn about my suggested “do’s” and “don’ts” for those who aim to comfort those who are troubled by grief.

- You will see valuable summary notes in chapter 7 from an awesome book on ministering to distressed loved ones. The book in entitled Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart.

- You will be blessed by nine devotionals that I wrote to those who are grieving, to those who provide care to someone who is dying, or to those who are actually dying. These are the types of devotionals that you may not need today, but you will want to know where they are when the time comes.

- You will be blessed by the message that I give at home going services and the rational for giving it. You will be surprised at how this message will minister to you in the calms as well as in the storms of your personal distress.

- In chapter 10, you will be given a check list with several comments regarding things you want to do, if you are the one in charge of taking care of the business affairs, after someone dies.

Even though you can purchase the 112 page paperback version from Amazon (click From Skippers, Virginia to Eternal Life to purchase), I recommend that you purchase the ebook version (i.e., PDF portable document format). With the ebook version you will have the book in your reader device in minutes, and it costs only $4.95. Click the image below to purchase your ebook.

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I recommend that you use this book in the following way: first, read it from cover to cover with an aim of simply appreciating what I have tried to do. Second, refer back to it as needed. Many of you all will be called upon to be care givers, many will grieve, and all of us must die. I pray that this tribute to dad proves to be a helpful resource.


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