Titus Review

1. Who is the author of this book? And to whom is it written?


2. What is the key idea of Titus that has been lifted in our teachings?


3. Based on Titus 1:1, how are we to be like servants? How are we to be like Apostles?


4. Based on Titus 1:2, since God cannot lie, how should we respond to His promises of blessing obedience and punishing disobedience?


5. Based on Titus 1:5, how does Titus’ commission to set things in order and appoint qualified leaders relate to the call of the Pastor today?


6. Based on Titus 1:10, 12-13, we don’t have to worry about any of our long term office holding members being trouble makers.         

        True    or        False   Explain


7. A. Based on Titus 1:13-14, the Pastor is to always be patient and understanding, as opposed to rebuking or disciplining a long standing member or office holder.           

        True    or        False    Explain


B. Do you see how a person who is being disciplined or rebuked may   think the Pastor is talking down to them, intimidating them, or disrespecting them? Explain.


C. What should be done in this situation, by the one being disciplined and by the Pastor?


8. A. Based on Titus 2:1-8 name two things that the Pastor ought to help the men understand.


B. Based on Titus 2:1-8 name two things that the Pastor ought to help the women understand.

9. As we try to live by Titus 2:9-10 today, what do Christians accept and reject about this text?


10.  Based on Titus 2:13-14, who should be eager to do good works? What are some examples of good works today? What is some good works that seniors can do?


11. Based on Titus 3:1, Christians should be uninvolved in government and treat government officials as untrustworthy politicians. True or False Explain


12. Based on Titus 3:1,8, the Pastor should only preach a sermon once. 

         True    or    False     Explain


13. Based on Titus 3:9, the Pastor and all Christians should always respectfully entertain whatever conversation a person wants to entertain with us.          

         True    or        False   Explain


14. Based on Titus 3:15, the church should be known for warm and supportive relationships.

         True    or        False   Explain

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