Titus Chapter Two (Part One)

Introduction: A key idea in Titus is staying focused on God’s will. Today, we hope to discuss the duties of the minster.

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Read Titus 2:1-10

IV. Operations of the Church. A. Duties of the Minister. Titus is given instructions to teach the men and women of the church. There are curriculum ideas for the older men, older women, and younger men.

Interestingly, the older women are called to teach the younger women. Titus is to be an example of what he teaches and so sound in his teachings that people will be ashamed to oppose him.

Applications -

- Pastoral teaching. Notice in Titus vss. 1, 7-8 the importance of Pastoral teaching. There are several things that are important for the Pastor to be involved in. Church administration, attending to troubled members, and even preaching are all important. But there is nothing more important than teaching.

Without teaching, preaching will always be frustrated by people who have zeal without knowledge. Or it will be frustrated by people who have no zeal because of their lack of knowledge. Without teaching, there will be very little to administrate because people are not moved to serve.

And without teaching, there will be one crisis after another, just like in a child care center. Teaching will help baby Christians to grow up and be less demanding of chaplain services.

Furthermore, Pastoral teaching should be reinforced with the Pastor’s example. In other words, the Pastor should practice what he/she preaches.

Of course all teachers - Sunday School, Wednesday Bible Study, Vacation Bible School, etc. teachers - should practice what they preach/teach, but it should be especially the case with the Pastor.

Finally, the Pastor’s teaching should be so solid that those who oppose are ashamed. There are those who may feel intimidated, talked down to, or who feel that the Pastor is conceited. All of this may be related to the idea that the Pastor is to be viewed as an authoritative interpretive voice for the local church.

In Pastoral teaching, we are not having a book club session, where everyone’s opinion is on the same level and the majority is right. God sends the Pastor with a word for His people. The people of God are called to hear and obey the word through the Pastor that God sends. Let’s support Pastoral teaching, which aims to empower believers.

- Men issues. Notice in Titus vss. 2, 6 that there are men issues to be dealt with by the Pastor. The Pastor is called to teach the older men to be temperate, worthy or respect, self-controlled, and sound in faith, love, and endurance. The younger men are to be encouraged to be self-controlled.

First, just because a person has reached advanced years doesn’t mean that they have learned what God expects of them, nor does it mean that they live in obedience to God’s will. Longevity and maturity are two different measures.

Second, notice how the curriculum is concerned with character issues, as opposed to skills or even doctrine. Older men are called to be respectable models of self-control, faith (i.e., which includes obedience, faith without works is dead), love, and endurance.

The absence of so many men and the lack of faithful obedience (e.g., lack of study, service, giving, and stepping up to be leaders) and love of those who are present doesn’t help the aim of Pastoral teaching. Younger men should have the Pastor’s teaching/encouragement, the example of older men, and the example of the Pastor.

It would be great to have an active men’s ministry that featured young men being in relationships with older men for the sake of discipleship development as well as relevant teachings by the Pastor and other qualified teachers.

Let’s support the development of relevant men ministry. Mature godly mean will make much better singles, husbands, fathers, church leaders, community leaders, and business owners.

- Women issues. Notice in Titus vss. 3-5 that there are women issues to be dealt with by the Pastor. These issues include being reverent in the way they live, to avoid being slanders, to avoid drinking too much wine, and to be teachers of what is good.

The older women are to be able to train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, to be pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands. One motive for such living is to prevent anyone from maligning the word of God.

First, even aged women need teaching, which means they need to be in the teaching/learning sessions.  Second, as with the older men, longevity doesn’t equal maturity. Older women need to learn and practice solid Christian character, including reverence for God instead of slander or addiction to wine.

From the base of sound character, they can be teachers and trainers of younger women. However, without sound character, the young women are unlikely to hear what they have to say.

Third, in order for the older to teach and train the younger, the older need to have both character and competency. In other words, they need to be trained how to teach and train, in addition to having a solid character. Thus, we should see the need for Training Union.

The younger women have to be humble enough to be taught and trained by the older women. This is going to be a challenge, if there are no relationships among the women.

Fourth, notice the emphasis on both Christian character issues like love, self-control, purity, kindness, and submission. Notice further the focus on the family - husband and children. And notice the concern with not distracting people from the gospel with our loose living.

Most of our churches do not have anything that looks like older women teaching young women about Christian character and family living. Consequently, the church plays a role in what we see going on with our families and by extension our communities.

Let’s work on developing relevant ministry for women. This ministry needs to respond to the needs of single women, women without children, and ungodly women (i.e., both young and old).

Conclusion: Let’s work on staying focused on God’s will. God has much for those who obey His will.

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