Thankfulness: Do You Have Enough of It?

Thankfulness is reference to demonstrated appreciation. Sometimes, we believe that we are appreciative, but we really don't demonstrate it.

A key idea in this series of devotionals, "Praise God Anyhow," based on II Samuel 6:12-16, 20-23, is that "We should be mindful of praise, despising, and determination."

In this devotional, let's continue to focus on being appreciative. Perhaps David thought about how far God had brought him from and his heart was filled appreciation.

God is not only universal in His awesomeness, but think about what God means to you personally. God has forgiven our personal sins through Christ. God has been the liberator from slavery and "Jim Crowism" for Blacks.

God is our company keeper, as well as our reason and strength for living. And we are counting on God to be the guardian of our children and children’s children, our dying bed maker, and our merciful judge at judgment.

When we make a list of what God means to us personally, we ought to have a better understanding of why David praised God anyhow!

Self Examination

Make a quick list of ten things God has done for you lately.

How well are you demonstrating your appreciation to God?

What are you going to do to improve in this area?


God I praise You for being such a great and awesome God. You have been much better to me than I deserve.

I confess my many sins to You, including my lack of showing enough gratitude. Please forgive me and help me to grow in this area. Have Your way in my life, because Your way is best for me. In Jesus' name, amen.

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