Sunday School Material 9-28-14: Future Peace and Joy

(Jeremiah 33:1-11; 9/28/14)

Introduction:A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is God promises to restore His people after a period of chastisement. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to work on our sin problems, so we can avoid punishment; but if we sin, we should remember that God has plans to restore.

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Read Jeremiah 33:1-5

I. Present Distress. The Lord sends a word to Jeremiah, while he is still in courtyard detention. We see in our Sunday School material that the word of the Lord is that God is going to fill the houses around Jeremiah with dead bodies.

This is because of God’s anger and wrath towards the wickedness of the city.

Applications -

- God’s word in courtyard detention. Notice in vss. 1, 3 that God spoke to Jeremiah a second time in courtyard detention. First, we should thank God for speaking to us. The most authoritative way that He speaks to us is through the Bible.

Second, we should thank God that He speaks to us in our courtyard detentions or situations that are less than desirable. We don’t have to improve our situation, in order to hear from the Lord.

Third, we should thank God for speaking more than once. He loves us enough to talk to us as much as needed. Let’s work on appreciating God’s word to us in our less than desirable situations. Living out this application includes hearing and obeying God’s word.

- God’s dealing with sin. Notice in vss. 4-5 of our Sunday School material that God has a plan for dealing with the sins of His people. We should not think that because we have sinned for so long that God will just keep on putting up with our sins.

On the contrary, God is simply long suffering and trying to give us a little more time. But at the right time, God deals with sin. Let’s work on our sin problems, so we don’t have to experience God’s wrath.

Read Jeremiah 33:6-11

II. Future Joy. The Lord promises to restore the land. Sin will be cleansed and forgiven. God will see to it that people and animals come back. The Sunday School material teaches that the people of God will be so blessed that many other nations will look on them with awe.

Applications -

- Restoration. Notice in vs. 6 that God has plans to restore. No matter how bad things look in our lives, we can trust that God has a plan that is bigger than our pains.

We can even face death knowing that God has a plan for us on the other side. Let’s live like we believe that God will restore.

- Punishment and forgiveness. Notice in vs. 8 that God forgives sin, after the period of punishment. To forgive is to stop trying to collect on what someone else owes you. It is to declare that no further payment is due.

We should be thankful that God forgives our sins. However, we should also notice that forgiveness is scheduled after punishment. So we ought not just keep on sinning because we know that God will forgive.

Let’s work on living by God’s will, so we can avoid His punishment; but if we sin, let’s thank God that there is forgiveness on the way.

- Glorifying God. Notice in vs. 9 of our Sunday School material that the people of God will be so blessed that others will see them and glorify God as the source of the blessings.

First, there is nothing wrong with being blessed. In fact, if anyone should be blessed, it should be the people of God.

Second, we should make sure that God is glorified with our blessings. There are too many who behave as if their blessings are simply the work of their own hands and that their blessings are only for their own enjoyment.

Let’s work on glorifying God with all that we have. This application includes tithing, but it also includes being a wise steward of what we have and being a blessing to others with what we have.

- Worship. Notice in vs. 11 that God’s restoration includes enthusiastic worship and joyful giving. First, the more God does for us, the more we ought to praise and worship Him with enthusiasm. There are too many people who have been richly blessed but still sit so silently in worship.

Second, our worship should include giving. Beyond paying our tithes, we should want to give offerings as our way of telling the Lord “Thank You.” Let’s work on enthusiastic worship that includes joyful giving.

Conclusion: Let’s work on our sin problems, so we can avoid punishment; but if we sin, we should remember that God has plans to restore. God has much for those who obey His will.

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