Hearing and Doing

(James 1:19-27; 8/9/20; Dr. Baines, Jr.)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s lesson is that believers are called to hear and obey God’s word. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to hear and obey God’s word in every area of our lives.

Summary Highlights: In vss. 19-21, James addresses his Christian siblings. He urges them to be quick to listen but slow to speak and get angry. The wrong kind of anger doesn’t produce the righteousness that God desires. The readers are urged to get rid of moral filth and evil. And they are to accept the word that is planted in them.

In vss. 22-25, James urges his readers to avoid being only listeners of the word. They are to do what it says. James illustrates his point with using a mirror and either forgetting what one sees or adjusting. There are blessings for those who do what the word says.

In vss. 26-27, James talks about worthless and acceptable religion. Worthless religion is known for a lack of tongue control. Religion acceptable to God is known for helping people like widows and orphans. It is also known for avoiding being polluted by the world.

1. Interacting with people. Notice in vss. 19-21, 23-24 that believers are to help one another grow in the Lord. .....Let’s work on growing in the Lord in the area of interacting with people.

2. Bad and good. Notice in vs. 21 that two major strategies for being godly in interacting with others are to get rid of the bad (i.e., moral filth and evil) and nurture the good (i.e., humbly accept the word of God). .....Let’s work on getting rid of the bad and nurturing the good.

3. Self-Deception. Notice in vs. 22 that listening without obeying leads to self-deception. .....Let’s work harder on understanding and obeying God’s will for our lives.

4. Blessings. Notice in vs. 25 that there are blessings for those who hear and obey God’s word (i.e., perfect law that gives freedom). .....Let’s work on obeying God and experiencing whatever blessings He sends our way.

5. Tongue control. Notice in vs. 26 that a religion that doesn’t include controlling one’s tongue is a worthless religion. .....Let’s work on letting God control our speech even in private.

6. Acceptable religion. Notice in vs. 27 that religion that is acceptable to God is known for helping people and avoiding being polluted by the world. .....Let’s work on having religion that is acceptable to God.

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