Sunday School Material 8-20-17: Called to Preach

(Acts 9:10-20; 8/20/17)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that God used Ananias to minister to Saul. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to let God use us as He sees fit.

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Read Acts 9:10-16

I. Disturbing Vision. The Lord is working with Ananias. In our Sunday School material, Ananias is to go and minster to Saul. Ananias is concerned because of the reports he has heard. The Lord reinforces Ananias’ assignment to minster to Saul.

Applications –

- Called to serve. Notice in vs. 10 that God called Ananias to serve. First, as God knew Ananias’ name and his abilities, God knows our names and abilities. We should be thankful for the personal relationship that we have with God and for the abilities that He has invested in us.

Second, God expects us to use the abilities that He has given us with trust in Him. Our trust is not in the people or simply our abilities, but in God.

Third, we should be thankful that we have a Bible today. We don’t have to wait until we receive a vision. We should go and use our gifts, because the Bible teaches us to do so. Let’s work on doing what God is calling us to do.

- God’s use of those who have made mistakes. Notice in vs. 15 that God had plans to use Saul, despite his past. In like manner, God can use people today, in spite of their past. On one hand, we like this when it refers to us. We don’t have to be held hostage by the mistakes of our past.

But on the other hand, this principle applies to others as well. This means that we should be open to God using other people who have made mistakes in their past.

Think about how this applies to people who have served time in prison, hurt you, or hurt someone you love. Let’s work on being open to God using people today who made terrible mistakes in the past.

Read Acts 9:17-20

II. Dramatic Visit. Ananias goes and finds Saul. He ministers to Saul, and Saul regains his sight. Saul then begins to preach in the synagogues that Jesus is the Son of God.

Applications –

- Obedience in spite of feelings. Notice in vs. 17 that despite what Ananias heard and felt, he obeyed God. In like manner, we should press pass what we feel and what we have heard, so we can obey God.

Unfortunately, too many only serve when they feel like it.  Consequently, our churches are doing so much less than what they are able to do. Let’s work on obeying God, no matter how we feel and what we have heard.

- God’s giving sight to the blind. Notice in vs. 18 that God restored Saul’s sight. In like manner, God is able to turn things around in our lives today. Whatever trouble we are in, God is able to turn the trouble around. God can also give us strength to endure. We should want God to do whatever is best. Let’s work on trusting God’s ability to deal with our afflictions.

- Serving the Lord with deliberate speed. Notice in vss. 18-20 of our Sunday School material that Saul moves quickly to get baptized and then preach about Jesus being the Son of God. First, every believer should be baptized to symbolize their identification with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Second, we should strive to serve the Lord with whatever gifs and opportunities that God has given us. We may not move as fast as Saul, but we should move with deliberate speed to serve the Lord.

Third, thank God, that Jesus really is the Son of God. Jesus is not just another Bible character. He is the One who paid for our sin debt with His death. He is the One who is coming back for His Church. Let’s live like we are believers who are serious about serving the Lord and telling people about Jesus.

Conclusion: Let’s work on letting God use us as He sees fit. God has much for those who obey His will.

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