Sunday School Material 8-2-15: A Redeemer in Zion

(Isaiah 59:15-21; 8/2/15)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that God will intervene and re-establish justice. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to live like we trust that God will keep His promises.

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Read Isaiah 59:15-17

I. Injustice and Righteousness. God is displeased with the lack of justice. No one is intervening. So, in our Sunday School material, God suits up to deal with the situation.

Applications –

- Justice ministry. Notice in vss. 15-16 that God saw and was displeased with the absence of justice. We should remember that God is concerned with people being treated in accord with His will.

No matter how great our worship experience may be and even our personal finances and health, if there is no social justice, God is not pleased. Therefore, as people of God, we should not be pleased when there is an absence of social justice.

We should be so displeased that we do all within our power to secure social justice – vote, hold office holders accountable, and even protest, when necessary. Let’s work on being a part of social justice ministry.

- Doing something about what displeases us. Notice in vss. 16-17 that God does something about what displeases Him. There are too many who are simply displeased and never do anything about their emotional state (i.e., victims).

We should learn from God’s example to do what we can, when we are displeased. Sometimes we can change the circumstances. Sometimes we have to simply change the focus of our minds.

But being displeased for a long period is not God’s will. Let’s work on doing what we can about our being displeased.

Read Isaiah 59:18-19

II. Repayment and Glory. In our Sunday School material we see God will repay His enemies. His name and glory will be revered. His coming is compared to the might of a pent-up flood that the breath of the Lord drives along.

Applications –

- Reaping what we sow. Notice in vs. 18 essentially the idea of reaping what one has sown. There are those who think that God will never do much about especially the rich and powerful people who mistreat others.

However, our text makes clear that God has a plan to see that everyone gets what he/she deserves.

Let’s live like we believe that God will see that everyone reaps what they have sown. Such living should be known for our sowing obedience and expecting the move of God.

- Reverence the Lord. Notice in vs. 19 of our Sunday School material that God will be revered by everyone. The question is not, Will people revere God? - but “When” will they revere God?

If a person would simply humble themselves and obey God today, there are so many blessings attached to such. However, when God has to humble a person, there are no blessings attached.

Let’s work on living as if we revere God and help others do the same. Our living should be known for prayerfully studying and obey God’s will, in all areas of our lives. And we should strive to evangelize and edify those we meet along life’s journey.

Read Isaiah 59:20-21

III. Redeemer and Covenant. In our Sunday School material the Redeemer is to come to Zion/Jerusalem. God promises that His Spirit will not depart from His people. God’s words will not depart from their lips – for generations to come.

Applications –

- Repentance and blessings. Notice in vs. 20 that God has a plan to bless those who repent and strive to live according to His will. God is able to pour all kinds of blessings into the lives of those who repent and obey Him from here.

Until we repent, we are missing out on all kinds of blessings and are subject to all kinds of punishment. Let’s work on repentance and enjoying the blessings of God.

- God the promise keeper. Notice in vs. 21 that God is a promise keeper – His Spirit, His word, and generations to come. First, God keeps His promises. He promises to bless obedience and punish disobedience.

Second, we should live like we are thankful that the Holy Spirit is “in” us, not just “on” us, as in the text.

Third, we should live like we appreciate having the word of God. This kind of living should be known for studying, memorizing, and living by His word. There are many places where these practices are subject to punishment.

Fourth, we should thank God that He will take care of those whom we leave behind, when death comes knocking on our doors. Let’s live like we trust the promises of God. Such living should be known for our obedience and expectation of God to do great things.

Conclusion: Let’s work on living like we trust that God will keep His promises. God has much for those who obey His will.

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