Sunday School Material 8-12-12: God Promised a Righteous Lord

(Isaiah 9:1-7)

Introduction: A key idea of today’s Sunday School material is that God promises to take care of His own. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to obey God like those who trust Him to take care of His own.

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Read Isaiah 9:1-5

I. Future of Galilee. A better time in the future is prophesied in the Sunday School material we see . Several images are presented to describe what will be. There will be light, instead of darkness. There will be the burning of war cloths.

Applications –

- Trusting and obeying in stressful situations. Notice in vs. 1 of the Sunday School material that God saw the distress of His people and had a plan to bless them at the right time. First, it is good to know that God sees our distress. He knows where we are.

Second, it is good to know that God has a plan for our blessings. We don’t have to allow stressful situations to cause us to give up on God.

Let’s develop the faith to keep trusting and obeying God. Prayerful study and obedience with the support of other believers will help us in this area.

- The promises of God. Notice in vss. 2-3 that the prophecies of God are so certain that they are spoken of in the present tense, before they happen. We can count on the promises of God. God promises to bless those who obey Him and to punish those who do not.

Let’s live like we believe the promises of God. Since the core of God’s will is for us to be saved and to love God and others as we love ourselves, we should live accordingly.

- Godly rejoicing. Notice in vs. 3 of the Sunday School material that the people are rejoicing about the goodness of the Lord. It is hard to look at the example in vs. 3 and think that rebellious and/or self-centered silence is alright.

We have a duty to rejoice and praise God in ways that glorify Him and edifies His people (see I Pet. 4:11; I Cor. 14:26). Let’s work on godly rejoicing.

- God of history. Notice in vs. 4 of the Sunday School material there is a reference to Gideon’s Army, which happened about 400 years before our text. There is a great value in understanding the history of how God has been at work in the lives of our people and the lives of others.

A great benefit of knowing the history of God’s working with us is that when we see how He delivered others out of worst situations than we are in, we are encouraged to know that He is subject to do the same for us. Let’s give effort to studying and reflecting on how God has been working in and through His people through history.

Read Isaiah 9:6-7

II. King from Galilee. In this section of the Sunday School material a child is to be born as a sign of God’s promise. This child is to be a great lord or governing authority. God is to do a great work through the child.

Applications –

- “Our Son.” Notice in vs. 6 the mention of “our son.” First, we should remember that Old Testament prophecy often has a dual meaning. There is an immediate meaning for the initial readers. And there is often a distant meaning that the immediate readers did not understand, but as Christians, we may relate to them.

Many Christians see the “son” of our Sunday School material, as a distant meaning that points to the “Son of God” – Jesus Christ. Second, the phrase “our son” suggests that from the beginning God had plans for Jesus to be for us.

It is awesome to think about how much we mean to God. Let’s live like we appreciate what “our Son” has done for us. We should be so appreciative that we obey God’s will.

- God’s use of Earthly leaders. Notice in vss. 6-7 of our Sunday School material that God will accomplish His concern with justice and righteousness through human structures – government. There are too many people who want to go around human authorities and have some type of miraculous intervention by God.

God is able to do whatever God wants to do. However, He sends leaders in every area of our lives – church, family, community, and jobs – for a purpose. Instead of trying to work around the leaders that God has sent, let’s learn to pray for them and support them in doing God’s will.

Conclusion: Let’s work on obeying God like those who trust Him to take care of His own.

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