Sunday School Material 7-8-12: David Embodies God’s Justice

(II Samuel 23:1-7; I Chronicles 18:14; 7/8/12)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is David trusted the promises of God and behaved accordingly. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to trust the promises of God and behave accordingly.

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Read II Samuel 23:1- 4
I. God’s Presence.
What is described as David’s last words are presented in the Sunday School material. David is said to be the son of Jesse, one who was exalted by the Lord, and one who sung. The idea of how a righteous leader having a positive impact on his/her kingdom is mentioned.

Applications –
- David’s example.
Notice in vss. 1-2 of the Sunday School material that David was a man who allowed God to exalt him from being a watcher of sheep to being an anointed singer and spokes person for God.

First, no matter how low our starting point may be, if we let God have His way, He can do great things in and through our lives. Second, no matter how high we get, we should be known for worshipping God, which often includes singing.

Congregational singing should never go out of style. Every believer ought to have a song to sing. And third, we should focus on saying what God wants us to say, instead of focusing on being original. God’s way is best.

Let’s work on trusting God’s plans for our lives, praising Him, and repeating what He tells us to say.

- The impact of godly leaders. Notice in vs. 2 that godly leaders make positive impacts. There are too many who seem to want the perceived power and prestige of being a leader for self-centered ambitions.

We should serve as leaders out of sense of calling to do so and to make positive impacts. A great part of being an effective leader is character, not just competencies.

Let’s work on having the godly character to make the godly impact that God is calling us to. If you are not leaders, pray for those who are and support them.

Read II Samuel 23:5-7
II. God’s Power.
On one hand, David seems to reinforce his confidence in the Lord. Because of the covenant with God, David believed that God would bring to fruition his salvation and desires. But on the other hand, evil men will have terrible days before them.

Applications –
- God’s trustworthy promises.
Notice in vs. 5 of the Sunday School material that David seems to find encouragement in rehearsing the promises of God. It is good to know that in the midst of so many broken human promises that we can still count on the promises of God.

Our confidence in God’s trustworthiness should lead to our rehearsing the promises and our confidence in such from time to time. Talking and singing about the promises as well as living by them will help to distract us from the negative circumstances that we may find ourselves in.

Let’s encourage ourselves with the trustworthy promises of God. Among His promises are not only salvation through Christ, but blessings for those who obey and punishment for those who do not.

- The vanity of evilness. Notice in vs. 6 of the Sunday School material that it just doesn’t pay to be evil or ungodly. Just as the evil/ungodly people in our text are compared to thorns being burned up, those who are without Christ are not only wasting their lives, but they have an eternity to face of suffering and meaninglessness.

Let’s make sure we are not evil and that we encourage those we can influence not to waste their lives on evilness. No matter what is gained from an evil and ungodly life, it will not make up for Hell’s fire.

Read I Chronicles 18:14
III. David’s Reign.
In this section of the Sunday School material David is said to have reigned over Israel. And he did it with the reputation of doing what was just and right. And furthermore, he is known for doing that which was just and right for all of his people.

Applications –
- Legacy and relationship.
Notice in vs. 14 that David left a legacy of doing what was just and right for all of his people. First, it should be obvious that everyone reading these notes will leave planet Earth one day.

When our day comes, we should want to have a godly legacy left behind. Doing what is right and just along with some mercy is a great legacy to leave behind and great record to take with us to the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Second, it is important to be in relationship with the leader. The Sunday School material talks about David’s people. There are too many who don’t want to be associated with a leader, when things are well. But when things are rough in their lives then they want the leader’s attention.

For example, many people don’t go to anyone’s church. But when they need some money, they expect the church to be benevolent to them. Let’s work on leaving a godly legacy and being in relationship with the leaders that God has placed in our lives.

Conclusion: Let’s work on trusting the promises of God and behaving accordingly. God has much for those who obey His will.

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