Sunday School Material 7-10-16: Struggling Under Sin's Power

(Romans 3:9-20; 7/10/16)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that all of humanity is doomed, until they get saved. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to make sure that we are saved and striving to help others to get saved as well.

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Read Romans 3:9

I. Humanity’s Problem. Paul raises a question about what should be concluded. In our Sunday School material he talks about how the Jews have no advantage over the Gentiles. Both Jews and Gentiles are under the power of sin.

Applications –

- No one is special. Notice in vs. 9 that neither the Jew nor the Gentile have an advantage. The Jews have sinned against the Law that was given to them. And the Gentiles have sinned against the general revelation that God gave them in things like creation.

Both groups were under the power of sin. In like manner, all of humanity is under the power of sin, until they are saved. The “churched” person who is not saved is as Hell bound as the “unchurched” person who is not saved.

Let’s live like we understand that none of us are special, until we get saved.

This kind of living should be known for urgently seeking the salvation of our loved ones and those we meet in life. This kind of living should be known for personal humility. Because without Christ, we would all be going to Hell.

Read Romans 3:10-18

II. Scripture’s Declaration. In our Sunday School material Paul talks about how there is none righteous. People have turned from God and became worthless. There is a practicing of sin and no fear of God.

Applications –

- Seeking and understanding God. Notice in vs. 11 of the Sunday School material that the people were described as not understanding God and not seeking Him. It is predictable that when we don’t seek the Lord, we will not understand Him. And when we don’t understand, we will not obey.

Let’s work on seeking, understanding, and obeying God’s will for our lives. We should seek understanding by prayerfully studying and obeying God’s word with the support of other disciples (i.e., growth groups).

- Life without God. Notice in vss. 12-17 that those without understanding of God are known for turning from God’s will to being worthless people who do no good.

They are known for harmful words and actions. They don’t know the ways of peace. There are so many people in our world who seem to fit this description today.

There are too many people who have no good works to their credit. Too many have a reputation for being hurtful with their mouths and actions. They seem to be more comfortable with violence and tension than with peace.

Let’s work on helping people turn from wickedness to the peace and blessings of God.

We can move in this direction, by making sure that we are saved through faith in Jesus and then living lives focused on loving God and others, as we love ourselves. Relational and servant evangelism seem to be the most effect strategies of our day.

- Fearing God. Notice in vs. 18 that the people are said to have no fear of God. On one hand, it is so sad to see people who have no fear of God. It seems as if people do whatever they want to do, with no fear of God doing anything about it.

But on the other hand, too often we behave as if we have no fear of God. If we feared God, we would not rob Him of His tithes or time in service or enthusiasm in worship. Let’s live is so much fear of God that we help others fear Him enough to obey Him.

Read Romans 3:19-20

III. Law’s Result. The Law was written for those under it. We learn from our Sunday School material that no one gets right with God, by keeping the Law. The Law helped people become conscious of their sin.

Applications –

- The role of the Law. Notice in vss. 19-20 that the Law teaches more than it saves. On one hand, the Law doesn’t save us. No one dots all of the “I”s and crosses all of the “T”s.

But on the other hand, the Law is good because it helps us to be conscious of our sins. If we didn’t have the word, we would be arguing about what is right and what is wrong.

Let’s understand the role of the Law and live accordingly. The more we see that we are sinful, the more we should make sure that we are saved by faith in Christ and strive to live by God’s will.

Conclusion: Let’s work on making sure that we are saved and striving to help others get saved as well. God has much for those who obey His will.


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