Sunday School Material 6-15-14: Live Pure Lives

(Haggai 2:10-19; 6/15/14)

Introduction:A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that God wants His people to live pure and obedient lives. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to live pure and obedient lives.


Read Haggai 2:10-13

I. Asking Questions. God sends questions through His prophet Haggai in our Sunday School material. Haggai is to ask about consecration by touching. And he is to ask about defilement by way of touching.

Applications -

- God’s speaking and our responding. Notice in vss. 10-11 that God spoke through Haggai to the Priests and teachers. First, God still speaks to His people today. He does use leaders and circumstances, but the Bible is the best way to know God and His will for our lives.

Second, God speaks during our times of oppression like He spoke to the Jews during their being subject to the Persian Empire. We don’t have to wait for things to change to hear from God. He is speaking now. Let’s make sure that we are listening for God’s word with a mind to obey it.

- Purity and defilement. Notice in vss. 12-13 the idea of transferring purity and defilement. The Sunday School material commentary does a good job of explaining that purity in the text doesn’t travel from the meat, to the garment, and then beyond. It stops at the garment.

Defilement is pictured as being rather contagious. The point for us is to make sure we do all within our power to associate with those things and people that help us live up to God’s will and avoid those things and people that tempt us to live contrary to God’s will.

Let’s work on being pure, instead of defiled. The purer we are, the more positive influence we can have on others.

Read Haggai 2:14-19

II. Applying Answers. In our Sunday School material God reveals the meaning of the previous questions. The people were defiled. Nothing they did worked out for them as they had planned.

God was punishing because of the people’s disobedience. God declares that He will bless the people, from this day forward.

Applications -

- The cost of refusing to turn to the Lord. Notice in vss. 14-17 that the people suffered so much disappointment because of their defilement and refusal to turn to the Lord. In like manner, the more we drift from God’s will, the more we can expect things to go bad in our lives.

When we look at how challenging our lives are now, we should see that the last thing we want is more pain and disappointment. Let’s work on turning to and obeying the Lord to avoid further disappointment and pain.

- Giving careful attention to our lives. Notice in vs. 15 that the people of God are called to give careful thought to their lives.

As important as preaching and teaching may be, it does very little good, if we don’t give serious and careful thought to how the material relates to our lives. Let’s make sure we are carefully considering how our lives line up with God’s will.

- God is waiting with all kinds of blessings. Notice in vs. 19 that God promises blessings for those who commit to doing His will. On one hand, it is good to know that punishment doesn’t have to be permanent.

God can turn things around in our lives. On the other hand, the question is still out there, “How long will it take for us to turn to God”? It is one thing to talk about the Sunday School material.

But it is another to apply the material to issues like giving our tithes and offerings, being enthusiastic in worship, giving our best in Christian service, and living by godly principles in our families and on our jobs. Let’s turn to God, so we can experience His rich blessings.

Conclusion: Let’s work on living pure and obedient lives. God has much for those who obey His will.

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