Sunday School Material 5-8-16: Grateful Faith

(Luke 17:11-19; 5/8/16)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that Jesus healed leprosy and made a thankful man well. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to have the faith needed to be healed and well.

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Read Luke 17:11-14

I. Ten Desperate Men. In our Sunday School material Jesus was traveling to Jerusalem. Along the way, 10 men with leprosy called out to Him for mercy. Jesus sent them to the priests. The men were healed, as they went. 

Applications – 

-  Goals and adjustments. Notice in vss. 11, 14 that Jesus was goal orientation and willing to adjust to what He encountered. 

First, as people of God, we would do well to have some goals that we believe God wants us to pursue. Without goals, we can waste a great deal of time going in the wrong direction. 

Second, it is not strange for things to come along that challenge our focus on our goals. Jesus saw and heard the sick men, as He was traveling.

In like manner, as we pursue what we believe to be God’s goals for our lives, we are sure to encounter some sick people (i.e., physical, mental, spiritual, financial, relational, etc.). 

Third, we should seek wisdom to know when to adjust and take a temporary detour from our goals and when we should ignore the distractions. Let’s work on seeking the wisdom and courage to have both godly goals and discernment about when to make adjustments. 

- Faith based obedience. Notice in vs. 14 that the men were healed, as they obeyed God’s will. In like manner, there are many times that we will receive our blessings, not at the beginning, but along the way. 

Let’s work on having the faith to obey God and trust Him to bless us with the right stuff at the right time. We can work on this kind of faith, by prayerfully studying and obeying God’s word with the support of other disciples.

Read Luke 17:15-19

II. One Grateful Man. One of the healed men returned with enthusiastic praise. In our Sunday School material Jesus asks about the other nine. The thankful man is told that his faith has made him well. 

Applications –

- Enthusiastic praise and thanksgiving. Notice in vs. 15 that one of the healed men came back and praised God. In like manner, when we think about how good the Lord has been to us, we should join the man in vs. 15 of our Sunday School material with giving God enthusiastic praise. 

There are too many people who sit quietly in the praise period, as if they have nothing to praise God for. Let’s work on giving God enthusiastic praise and thanksgiving. 

- The Samaritan’s example. Notice in vs. 16 that it was a Samaritan who set the example of living by God’s will. In like manner, we should be open to God using whoever He chooses to set the example of righteousness. 

Think about how homeless people who don’t go to anyone’s church can be kinder and more courteous than some middle class people who have been in church all of their lives. Let’s be open to God’s using whoever He chooses. 

We should also let God use us. We may not have a great religious background. And the religious people around us may not be setting a great example for us. But we can still hear and obey God’s will for our lives. 

- Being well. Notice in vs. 19 that the man who came back is declared well. First, this man had enough faith to obey the Lord’s instructions regarding going to the priests, even though when he left, he still had leprosy. 

Second, this man was the only one who came back with enthusiastic praise and thanksgiving. Third, we don’t know the exact differences between being “healed” and being “well.” 

To say that being healed was physical and being well is spiritual sounds nice but difficult to prove from scripture. What we know for certain is that everything the Lord does is good. Let’s work on having obedient and enthusiastically thankful faith, so we can be healed and well. 

Conclusion: Let’s work on having the faith needed to be healed and well. God has much for those who obey His will. 

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