Called to Mutual Acceptance

(Romans 11:11-24; 5/19/19; Pas. Baines, Jr.)

Introduction: key idea of today’s Sunday School material is that Jews and Gentiles need to accept Jesus as savior and lord. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to make sure that we have accepted Jesus as savior and lord and are encouraging others to do the same.

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Read Romans 11:11-15
I. Result of Stumble. 

Applications –
- God’s mysterious ways. Notice in vss. 11-12 that God works in mysterious ways to work things out for the good of His people...... Let’s work on trusting God, no matter what we see. 

- Restoration. Notice in vs. 11 that the Jews are not beyond recovery...… Let’s help people be restored. 

- Pride in ministry. Notice in vss. 13-14 that Paul had some pride in his ministry to the Gentiles, while hoping to help some Jews get saved as well. .....Let’s have godly pride in our ministries, especially the ministry of helping people get saved.

Read Romans 11:16-21
II. Outcome of Brokenness. 

Applications –
- No room for boasting. Notice in vs. 18 that there is no room for boasting in ourselves. .....Let’s work on being thankful for where we are in God’s plans.

- Removal of branches. Notice in vss. 19-21 that just like the natural branches were removed because of unbelief, the grafted branches are subject to punishment for unbelief also......Let’s work on faithful living, instead of living like unbelievers.

Read Romans 11:22-24
III. Possibility of Restoration. 

Applications –
- God’s kindness and sternness. Notice in vss. 22-24 that God is kind and stern. .....Let’s live so we can experience God’s kindness.

Conclusion: Let’s work on making sure that we have accepted Jesus as savior and lord and are encouraging others to do the same. God has much for those who obey His will.

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