Sunday School Material
4-7-13: The Lord Appears

(Luke 24:36-53; 4/7/13)

Introduction:A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is Jesus appears to His disciples and urges them to wait on power from on high, in Jerusalem. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to trust that God is present and to obey His will.

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Read Luke 24:36-43

I. Seeing Jesus. In our Sunday School material Jesus appears to His disciples. In response to their fear, He attempts to calm them down. He urges them to look at and touch His hands. The disciples then became filled with joy and amazement. Jesus eats in their presence.

Applications -

- Dealing with fear. Notice in vss. 36-38 that the Lord did not want His disciples to be afraid and upset. In like manner, God still doesn’t want His people to be afraid and upset.

Yet there are too many who claim to love and trust God but are afraid of financial, health, and relational situations. A great way to conquer our fear is to build our faith and starve our doubts and fears.

We build our faith by prayerfully studying and obeying God’s word with the support of other believers. We starve our fears and doubts by limiting, if not eliminating, negativity. Let’s work on conquering our fear with faith.

Read Luke 24:44-49

II. Understanding Scripture. In our Sunday School material Jesus reminds His disciples that His resurrection was in accord with what He said before He was crucified.

He opened their minds to understand how the Scriptures related to Him. He tells them to go to Jerusalem and wait for the power from on high.

Applications -

- The promises of God. Notice in vs. 44 that the Word of God is trustworthy. This is not only the case with Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, but it is also the case with the other promises of God.

God promises that there are blessings attached to obeying His word and punishment attached to failing to obey His word. In other words, there are blessings attached to obeying instructions like study, serve, and give.

And there is punishment attached to failing to obey instructions like follow leadership, love your neighbor, and worship God with enthusiasm. Let’s obey God’s word like we believe His promises.

- Suffering and resurrection. Notice in vs. 46 of our Sunday School material that Jesus endured great suffering and was then resurrected. First, we should thank God for Jesus’ death.

We need His blood for our sins. And thank God for Jesus’ resurrection. His resurrection gives us confidence in the promise of our resurrection.

Second, if Jesus suffered, we should not find it strange when suffering comes into our lives. And as Jesus was resurrected, we should face our suffering with confidence that suffering doesn’t last always.

Let’s appreciated what Jesus has done for us and seek the strength to go through our suffering and resurrections. 

- Witnessing. Notice in vss. 47-48 that the disciples were to preach about repentance for forgiveness of sins. We too have a charge to help people understand repentance and to actually repent, so they can experience forgiveness for their sins.

Repentance is a matter of turning from a salvation of works or apathy about salvation to a salvation based on Jesus substitute death payment. After forgiveness, repentance includes turning from our ways to the ways of God.

In other words, there is a level of repentance needed to be saved and an ongoing repentance associated with discipleship. Let’s work on being faithful witnesses who witness with our lips and lives. We should be examples of repentance.

Read Luke 24:50-53

III. Worshipping Jesus. In our Sunday School material Jesus and His disciples were walking toward Bethany. Jesus lifted His hands and blessed them, before He left. The disciples worshiped Him and returned to Jerusalem with great joy.

Applications -

- Marveling at God’s mysterious ways. Notice in vss. 50-51 that Jesus mysteriously disappears. As fascinating as this is, we should be careful not to spend too much time trying to figure God out.

His ways are too far beyond our ways to figure out, especially when He doesn’t give us an explanation. Instead of gazing up at the unexplained, we should busy ourselves with doing what God has told us to do.

Let’s work on obeying God, instead of simply marveling at His mysterious ways.

- Worshipping and obeying. Notice in vss. 52-53 of our Sunday School material that the disciples both worshiped and obeyed Jesus’ instructions (i.e., stay in Jerusalem). We are not called to simply do one or the other. We are called to do both and the other.

There are too many who claim to be mature disciples, but their worship is too dry. There are others who have hot worship, but a life full of willful sin. Let’s work on being people who worship and obey God’s will for our lives.

Conclusion: Let’s work on trusting that God is present and obeying His will. God has much for those who obey His will.

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