Sunday School Material 4-20-14: The Third Day

(Hosea 6:1-3; Luke 24:1-12; 4/20/14)

Introduction:A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that God promised great things would happen on the third day and they did. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to live by the promises of God.

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Read Hosea 6:1-3

I. Revived on the Third Day. In our Sunday School material Hosea pleads with his people about turning back to God. He talks about how God has punished them.

But if they turn back to God, God will bless richly. Vs. 2 is the link to the text in Luke, where both texts talk about what happens on the third day.

Applications -

- Sin leads to pain. Notice in vs. 1 that sin led to the pain in the text. In like manner, God is subject to punish us when we sin. The likelihood of punishment increases, when we willfully sin.

Let’s work on our sin problems, so we don’t have to experience the pain of punishment. Remember there are sins of commission (e.g., being mean, taking what does belong to you, etc.) and omission (e.g., failing to keep your promises, failing to worship God, etc.)

- Repenting to be blessed. Notice in vss. 1-4 of our Sunday School material that repentance leads to blessings. The question for us is, “how long will it take for us to repent”? The reason we ask this question of one another is because we are in this thing together.

To a significant degree, your sins impact me and my sins impact you, since we are all members of the same body of Christ.

Let’s work on repenting, now, so we can experience God’s blessings. Repentance is about changing our mind and behavior, not just lip service that has no impact on our behavior. 

Read Luke 24:1-8

II. Surprised on the Third Day. “Mary” and others go to the place where Jesus’ body was placed. They found the stone moved and Jesus’ body gone. Two men in very bright clothing tell the women that Jesus has risen as He promised.

Applications -

- Keeping the main thing, the main thing. Notice in vs. 4 there is the mention of two men with very bright clothing, as opposed to what other writers said. It is easy to get distracted by this detail and miss the resurrection.

In like manner, we should make sure that as we strive to hear and obey God’s will for our lives today that we don’t get distracted by details and miss the main point.

Think about how easily we get distracted by the word selection or tone of the messenger and excuse ourselves from obeying the clear teachings of scripture. Let’s work on keeping the main thing, the main thing. Obeying God’s will is the main thing.

- What are you looking for? Notice in vs. 5 that a great question is raised, “why are you looking for the living among the dead”?

First, as compassionate as the women were, as demonstrated by their coming to anoint the dead body of Jesus, the truth is that if they were really in tuned with what Jesus had told them then they would have known that He would have been resurrected.

Second, there are too many who lean on their own understandings and concerned with the dead, instead of leaning on faith in God and looking towards life.

Think about how there are those in our churches who want to go back to the “good old days,” instead of forward to the “life and that more abundantly” that God has for us. Let’s work on looking forward to the living promises of God, instead of backwards.

- Mental deposits. Notice in vs. 8 that the women remembered what Jesus had said. In order to remember, we must first learn.

A great reason to be in Sunday School, Bible Study, to actively listen to Bible based preaching, and to have regular personal time with God is so that the Holy Spirit will have something to bring back to our memory.

In order for seeds to grow, the seeds must be planted. In order to make withdrawals, you have to make deposits. Let’s work on making sure that we give the Holy Spirit something to work with in our memory.

Read Luke 24:9-12

III. Amazed on the Third Day. The women tell the Apostles and others about the resurrection of Jesus. However, the women and their story are dismissed. Peter goes to see.

When he sees the empty tomb, he wonders what happened to Jesus’ body, instead of being inspired by the resurrection.

Applications -

- Trusting God’s promises. Notice in vss. 10-12 that the Apostles did not believe that Jesus had been resurrected - how embarrassing.

From our Sunday School material, we should make sure that we are doing all that we can to be in tune with God’s will for our lives. Our titles are not necessary indicators of our being in tuned.

We should learn and trust the promises of God that are found in the Bible. We must fight against any form or discrimination (inc. sexism) that prevents us from hearing what God is saying. Let’s work on trusting the promises of God.

- Doing our jobs. Notice in vs. 10 that the women did their jobs. They told the Apostles and then it was between the Apostles and the Lord. In like manner, we cannot make anyone do anything.

Our jobs are to plant and water the seeds and trust God to provide the increase. Let’s work on doing our parts and trusting God with the rest.

Conclusion: Let’s work on living by the promises of God. God has much for those who obey His will.

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