An Executed Scoundrel

(Est. 7:1-10; 4/19/20; Dr. Baines, Jr.

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is the trap Haman set for others was used on him. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to obey and trust God to handle wicked people.

Read Esther 7:1-4
I. Scheme Explained.

Applications –
- Promises
. Notice in vss. 1-2 that the king was rather loose with his promises. .....Let’s be careful with making promises, because God expects us to be promise keepers.

- Being tactfully right. Notice in vss. 2-4 that Esther shows great tack in making her request from the king. Let’s work on being tactfully right.

Read Esther 7:5-8
II. Culprit Exposed.

Applications –
- Inspired questions and answers.
Notice in vss. 5-6 that Esther inspired questions from the king, and she answered well. .....Let’s work on being as wise as Esther in the text.

Read Esther 7:9-10
III. Scoundrel Executed.

Applications –
- God’s turning things around.
Notice in vs. 7 that God turned things around. .....Let’s live like we believe that God can turn things around.

- Situations and conclusions. Notice in vs. 8 that Haman got caught in a situation that did not look right. .....Let’s work on how we position ourselves and how we come to our conclusions.

- Wicked plans. Notice in vs. 9-10 that the trap that Haman set for the Jews ended up being used on him. ......Let’s avoid planning wickedness and trust God’s taking care of His own in these wicked times.

Conclusion: Let’s work on obeying and trusting God to handle wicked people. God has much for those who obey His will.

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