Sunday School Material 4-1-18: He Has Risen

(Luke 24:1-12, 30-35; 4/1/18, Dr. Baines, Jr.)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that Jesus’ disciples are informed of His resurrection. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to live like we believe that Jesus has been resurrected.

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Read Luke 24:1-12

I. Witness of the Women. The ladies, Mary and company, went to care for the corpse of Jesus. In our Sunday School material, two men with very bright clothes told them that Jesus has risen, as He said.

The ladies told the Apostles and others. But they did not believe the women. Peter went to see the tomb, but he too did not believe. He wondered what had happened.

Applications –

- The first day of the week. Notice in vs. 1 that the ladies discovered the empty tomb on the first day of the week or Sunday. The Christian church has worshipped God for about 2,000 years on the day of Jesus’ resurrection – Sunday. Some even call Sunday the Christian Sabbath.

We may want to stay away from the term “Christian Sabbath,” while holding on to the following ideas: first, we should worship God on a regular basis. Second, since so many others worship on Sunday, we might as well join the rest of the family, as much as we can.

Third, we don’t have to demonize those who worship on Saturday or any other day of the week. God is worthy to be worshipped every day and at every hour. Let’s work on worshipping God on a regular basis.

- Remembrance. Notice in vss. 5-8 that the disciples remembered what the Lord said. To remember something, it must be in your memory. Let’s work on putting God’s word in our memory, so we can remember how to live by His will.

This is where regular personal devotionals, taking notes during Bible based preaching, and studying for growth group sessions can be helpful. Having a list of scriptures that you commit to memory is great idea as well.

- God the promise keeper. Notice in vs. 6 that Jesus has risen, as He said that He would. First, Jesus died for our sins. We needed His death to be a substitute payment for the penalty of our sins.

Second, Jesus rose from the dead. This shows that the Father accepted the payment for our sins. Third, Jesus (i.e., God the Son) is a promise keeper. God promises to bless our obedience and punish our disobedience.

Let’s live like we believe that Jesus has risen, and that God is a promise keeper. This kind of living should be noted for obedience, joy, and hope.

- Really trusting God’s word. Notice in vss. 1, 10-11 that those you would expected to be confident lacked faith in Jesus being resurrected. Even though the ladies were kind and dutiful, they went to care for a corpse, instead of celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

Even though there are those who are called Apostles and disciples, they didn’t believe the report about Jesus’ resurrection. In like manner, we can have a religious mask and title and even do some nice things, but without faith in God’s word, we have so little going for us.

Let’s make sure that we are trusting God’s word. Prayerful study of God’s word, a mind to obey God’s word, and the support of other disciples will help us in this area.

Read Luke 24:30-35

II. Epiphany at Emmaus. Jesus is eating with some of His disciples in our Sunday School material. When they discerned who He was, He left. They went and told the other disciples about Jesus being resurrected.

Applications –

- Treat everybody right. Notice in vss. 4, and 30-31 that the men of Luke are called angles in John 20:12. The stranger of vss. 30-31 turned out to be Jesus. We should be careful how we treat people. We don’t know how God will use the person to whom we are talking.

Think about how this applies to people we meet on the street, in the restaurant, in the grocery store, in our churches, etc. Let’s work on being loving people who treat everyone with respect.

- Witnessing. Notice in vss. 9, and 33-34 that the ladies and disciples were quick to tell others about their experiences with Jesus. They were witnesses. In like manner, we are called to be witnesses of our experiences with the Lord.

We are to tell what we know to be true. Every believer should be able to talk about how they are assured of their faith-based salvation. Every believer should be able to talk about the joy and hope that comes from being saved and striving to live an obedient life.

Let’s work on being faithful witnesses. There are too many who spend more time talking about what is wrong with the church than what is right with God.

Conclusion: Let’s work on living like we believe that Jesus has been resurrected. God has much for those who obey His will.


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