Sunday School Material 3-4-18: The Lord Will Provide

(Genesis 22:1-3, 6-14; 3/4/18)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that God allowed Abraham to demonstrate his level of love and trust of God. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to demonstrate our love and trust of God.

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Read Genesis 22:1-3

I. God Tests Abraham. In our Sunday School material, the Lord calls Abraham to test him. The Lord tells Abraham to bring his son, Isaac, as a sacrifice. Abraham is seen gathering wood, his servants, and his son for the sacrifice.

Applications –

- Loving and trusting the Lord. Notice in vss. 1-3 that Abraham must demonstrate that he loves God more than what God has given him. He is to demonstrate that he trusts God to make a way out of no apparent way.

In like manner, God is calling us to demonstrate that we love Him more than what He has given us. God is calling us to demonstrate that we trust Him to make a way out of no apparent way.

Think about your studying, serving, and giving habits. How are you doing with demonstrating your love and trust?

Let’s work on demonstrating our love and trust of God. God is worthy of all of our love and trust.

Read Genesis 22:6-10

II. Abraham Trusts God. Abraham and his son approach the place of sacrifice. Isaac asks about the lamb to be sacrificed, and Abraham says the Lord will provide. When they reach the place, Abraham is seen with his knife drawn to kill his son.

Applications –

- God will provide. Notice in vs. 8 that Abraham mentions that God will provide. It appears that Abraham did not know exactly how or when, but he trusted God to make a way somehow and at the right time.

In like manner, we are called to trust God to provide somehow. It is not strange for us to lack all of the details. But by faith, we press on and trust God with the details.

How we live says more about what we believe than what we say. Let’s live like we believe that God will provide. Such living includes obedience, joy, and expectation.

- God’s authoritative word. Notice in vss. 9-10 that it appears that God is calling Abraham to sin. Offering one’s child as a sacrifice is sin. Even though we may scratch our heads and wonder what is going on in our Sunday School material, we should be thankful that God doesn’t call us to sin.

In fact, we are called to discern God’s spirit from wicked spirits, by comparing what we think is God’s voice with God’s word. This will be difficult to do, if we don’t study God’s word. Let’s prayerfully study God’s word and use it as our authoritative guide

Read Genesis 22:11-14

III. God Spares Isaac. As Abraham was about to kill his son, the angel of the Lord appeared and called out for Abraham to stop. In our Sunday School material, the angel talks about how Abraham passed the faith test. A ram in the bush is sacrificed, in place of Isaac.

Applications –

 - Staying open and responsive. Notice in vss. 11-12 that Abraham heard and responded to the angel of the Lord, while he was in process of sacrificing his son.

In like manner, we should make sure that we are always hearing and responding to God’s will. In other words, we should stay prayerful and open to what God wants us to do.

Since God gives us some information on a “need to know” bases, we should stay connected to Him, so we can have His latest word to us. Let’s work on staying open and responsive to God’s will for our lives.

- Sacrificing the ram. Notice in vs.13 that a sacrifice was still made. Instead of Isaac being given, the ram in the bush was given. But an offering was still made.

In like manner, we should make sure that we don’t excuse ourselves from giving to God because of the circumstances of our lives. God is still calling us to give to Him, as He has given to us (i.e., at least 10%). Let’s be faithful in our giving to God.

Conclusion: Let’s work on demonstrating our love and trust of God. God has much for those who obey His will.

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