Sunday School Material 3-29-15:  The Son of David 

(Mark 11:1-11; 3/29/15)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that Jesus is received as the military Messiah. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to receive God’s will as He intends and not simply according to our preconceived ideas.

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Read Mark 11:1-6

I. The King Prepares. Jesus sent two of His disciples to fetch a colt. The disciples went and followed Jesus’ instructions, including the script that He gave them. In our Sunday School material the people who saw what was going on cooperated with Jesus’ use of the colt.

Applications –

- Sendable disciples. Notice in vss. 1-6 that Jesus had some sendable disciples. In like manner, there is a need for sendable disciples today.

Being sendable calls for humble character, the competency needed for the assignment, and chemistry/compatibility with the one doing the sending.

Where there are few sendable disciples, only a little work is done. But where there are ample sendable disciples, the work can expand beyond the leader and a faithful few.

Let’s work on being sendable disciples and supporting the development of sendable disciples. We need people who can be sent to their families and communities and live by God’s principles.

- Vigilant neighbors. Notice in vs. 5 of our Sunday School material that the neighbors were vigilant/watchful. There are too many neighbors who don’t look out for one another. Some see but don’t say anything.

Consequently, there are too many crimes in our communities that could be prevented, if we were more vigilant. Let’s work on being more vigilant neighbors.

- Let God have His way. Notice in vs. 6 that after it was understood that Jesus wanted to use the colt, permission was given to use it. In like manner, when we discover that God wants to use something under our influence, we should cooperate with God’s will.

Furthermore, God wants to use us. Therefore, we should cooperate with His will to use us – our time, talent, and treasure. Let’s work on letting God use us and all that is under our influence.

Read Mark 11:7-11

II. The King Arrives. In our Sunday School material Jesus rode the colt into town. People threw down cloaks and branches before Him.

They shouted praises that suggest that they thought that Jesus was coming to set up a physical/military kingdom. Jesus looked around the temple courts and then went to Bethany with the Twelve.

Applications –

- God’s trustworthiness. Notice in vs. 7 that God’s word is trustworthy. It was prophesied in Zechariah 9:9 that the Messiah would come riding on a donkey. Here He is in our Sunday School material today.

In like manner, we can trust the other promises of God. God promises to bless our obedience and punish our lack of obedience. Let’s live like we trust the promises of God. Such living should be known for obeying God.

- Proper praise. Notice in vss. 8-10 that the people praised and worshipped with enthusiasm and anticipation; however, their understanding was wrong.

First, it was good for them to have enthusiasm and anticipation in their praise and worship. We should do the same. God is worth it and can be trusted.

Second, it was bad for them to worship God for the wrong reason. They praised Him because they thought that He was coming as a military Messiah, even though He was not.

We should learn from their mistakes and make sure that we are worshipping God based on our prayerfully understanding of His promises in the Bible. Let’s work on worshipping God with enthusiasm based on our prayerful understanding of His promises.

- Timing. Notice in vs. 11 that timing is important. Jesus knew that it was not time to clear out the Temple, in our Sunday School material. However, the next day would be the appropriate time. There is a time and place to build up and to tear down.

Let’s seek God’s wisdom and courage to operate by His timetable. Think about how important timing is with regard to dealing with family members, people on our jobs, and even people in our church family.

Conclusion: Let’s work on receiving God’s will as He intends and not simply according to our preconceived ideas. God has much for those who obey His will.

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