Sunday School Material 3-27-16: Resurrection Faith

(Mark 16:1-8; 3/27/16)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that Jesus rose from the grave, and some ladies were charged with telling His disciples. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to live as if Jesus has risen.

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Read Mark 16:1-3

I. Expecting a Corpse. In our Sunday School material three ladies went to the tomb that was supposed to hold the body of Jesus. They went right after sunrise on Sunday (day after the Sabbath).

As they went to anoint the body of Jesus, they asked among themselves about who would move the stone from in front of the tomb.

Applications –

- Service. Notice in vs. 1 that we find some women willing to serve. First, as a church family, we should be thankful for all of those who are willing to serve the Lord. We could not afford to pay a staff to do the work that should be done by every believer doing his or her part.

Second, some of the work that needs to be done is not pretty. But we should be willing to serve as God gives us ability, opportunity, and desire to meet a need. Let’s let God use us to serve Him and be appreciative of the service of others.  

It is easy to somewhat discredit the women because they were looking for a corpse, instead of a resurrected Jesus. In spite of their short falls in faith, their willing spirit to serve should be acknowledged and emulated (i.e., matched).

Read Mark 16:4-6

II. Encountering a Man. When the ladies got to the tomb, they saw a young man dressed in white.  In our Sunday School material he told them that Jesus has risen. He invited them to see where they had laid Jesus’ body.

Applications –

- Unanswered questions.  Notice in vss. 3-4 that the women’s unanswered question (i.e., who will move the stone) was answered, as they moved forward.

In like manner, there are times when we have unanswered questions about how things are going to work out, regarding our service/ministry endeavors.

Sometimes God calls us to simply move forward with a mind to do the best that we can and trust Him for the results. God has a way of showing us what we need to know, when we need to know it.

Our job is to learn to walk by faith, especially, when we cannot see all of the answers. Let’s work on trusting God enough to move forward with unanswered questions.

- Angels. Notice in vs. 5 of our Sunday School material the mention of a young man dressed in white. Most scholars agree that this is actually an angel.

First, it seems that angels can either get into people like demons, or they look like people. In either case, we would do well to be careful how we treat people, because we may be dealing with an angel (see Heb. 13:2).

Second, angels are seen as messengers throughout the Bible. In this sense, we are called to be angelic – messengers. We should make sure that we faithfully share with others what the Lord has shared with us.

Let’s work on treating people right and being faithful messengers for the Lord.

Read Mark 16:7-8

III. Receiving a Message. The “young man” instructed the ladies to go and talk to Jesus’ disciples “and Peter.” In our Sunday School material they were to tell them to meet Jesus in Galilee. The ladies were very afraid. They fled and said nothing to anyone.

Applications –

- God is still focused on His plan. Notice in vs. 7 that God is still focused on His plan of meeting His disciples. First, no matter how shocked, distracted, or disappointed we are with life, we should be mindful that God is still focused on carrying out His plan for His people.

Second, the women were called to tell the disciples, especially Peter about the upcoming meeting. This should remind us that we are to be faithful messengers for the Lord. This is a part of God’s plan.

Third, we who are like Peter – we want to live for Jesus, but we have made some embarrassing mistakes – should know that God still wants to use us.

The devil wants us to focus on our courtyard failures, of the past, while God is calling us to a meeting in Galilee, in the future. Let’s make sure we do our part in God’s plan to work things out for the good of His people.

- Faith over fear. Notice in vss. 6, 8 that the ladies seem to have some challenges with being governed by faith, instead of by fear.

First, if it were not for the Lord, we would have so much to be afraid of. But thank God, God is real and He is working things out for His people. Second, instead of focusing on being fearless.

We should work on being filled with faith. It is easier to build the positive than tear down the negative. The best way to walk by faith, instead of fear, is to simply take God at His word.

Prayerfully studying God’s word and striving to obey it with the support of other disciples is what our faith walk often comes down to. Let’s work on living by faith, instead of fear.

Conclusion: Let’s work on living as if Jesus has risen. God has much for those who obey His will.

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