Sunday School Material
3-24-13: The Lord's Supper

(Luke 22:14-30; 3/24/13)

Introduction:A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that Jesus introduces the “Lord’s Supper” and urges His people to focus on His agenda. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to appreciate the “Lord’s Supper” and focus on God’s agenda.

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Read Luke 22:14-20

I. Somber Prediction. In our Sunday School material Jesus and His Apostles are reclining around a table, during the Passover. Jesus introduces bread and wine as symbolic elements.

The bread represents His body. The wine represents His blood. The eating and drinking is to be done in memory of Jesus.

Applications -

- Christians and the Passover. Notice in vs. 14 of the Sunday School material the mention of the Passover. The Jews celebrated the death angel passing over them in Egypt because of faith in the blood.

As believers, we should celebrate being saved from eternal doom because of the blood of Jesus. This celebration ought to impact our enthusiastic worship.

It ought to impact our obedient living. Let’s work on living like those who are thankful for the salvation found in the blood of Jesus.

- The “Lord’s Supper.” Notice in vss. 15-20 the symbolic use of the bread and wine. The most important thing that we do at Communion or the Lord’s Supper is remember the body and blood of Jesus given as payment for our sin debt.

We should also remember that Jesus died for us, so we can live obedient lives of service for Him. And we should remember that Jesus and us, His people, will eat and drink together in His kingdom, which is yet to come.

We cheapen this ordinance, by making dress code, frequency, timing, the composition of the elements, and other minor issues more important than remembering and living accordingly.

Let’s work on remembering and living like we understand the true significance of the bread and fruit of the vine.

Read Luke 22:21-30

II. Sobering Prediction. Jesus talks about His being betrayed in our Sunday School material. The Apostles begin to ask among themselves who it was.

The subject matter then quickly switches to a dispute about who would be the greatest in the kingdom. Jesus teaches about the value of service.

Applications -

- Prepared for suffering. Notice in vs. 22 that suffering was a part of the plan for Jesus. As believers, we should be prepared for suffering to be a part of God’s plan for our lives. It is better to be prepared and it never comes than for it to come and we are not prepared.

Prayerfully studying and obeying God’s word with the support of other believers is a huge step in the right direction. Making sure that our trust is in God and not in our stuff, status, or ourselves is helpful also. Let’s work on being prepared for suffering.

- Avoiding the devil’s usage. Notice in vs. 22 of our Sunday School material that Judas let the devil use him and terrible things would happen to him, because he allowed the devil to use him. Even though God used Judas’ betrayal for good, Judas still had to pay for his sins.

In other words, the end did not justify the means. Let’s work to keep the devil from using us. A great way to keep the devil from using us is to focus on prayerfully studying and obeying God’s word with the support of other disciples.

We are strongest together and weakest, when we are separated. The need for relationship building projects should be obvious.

- Focusing on God’s agenda. Notice in vss. 23-27 of our Sunday School material that Jesus teaches His disputing Apostles about how to really be great.

First, it is embarrassing that as Jesus is talking about dying for the sins of the world, His Apostles - those who are sent out - are disputing who will be the greatest in the kingdom.

We should learn from them to keep the main thing the main thing. Second, we learn from Jesus that real greatness is a matter of service. A person can have all kinds of cash, credentials, and even contacts, but without loving service, the person is far from great, as God defines greatness.

We should work on being great servants of the Lord. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of us are to be floor sweepers. It means we should do whatever God calls us to do. If that is floor sweeping, so be it. If it is managing a ministry group, so be it.

If it is being a witness on Monday and tither on Sunday, which it is, we should obediently serve the Lord. Let’s work on focusing on being what God is calling us to be.

- Blessed faithfulness. Notice in vss. 28-30 there seems to be some blessings attached to being faithful. The Apostles are said to have been with Jesus in some rough times/trials. And the text goes on to talk about having the kingdom conferred on them. 

The details of the text may be debated, but the principle that faithfulness leads to blessings should be beyond debate. Let’s work on being faithful. The measure of our faithfulness is seen in stormy weather more than calm weather. It is easy to be faithful, when all is well.

ConclusionLet’s work on appreciating the “Lord’s Supper” and focusing on God’s agenda. God has much for those who obey His will.

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