An Argument Against Corruption

(Micah 3:1-3, 9-12; 6:6-8; 3/22/20; Dr. Baines, Jr.)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s material is that Micah prophesied against the evil leaders and promoted obeying God’s will. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to avoid being evil leaders and strive to obey God’s will.

Read Micah 3:1-3
I. Hateful Leadership.

Applications –
- Evil leaders. Notice in vss. 1-3 that there are some evil leaders......Let’s be mindful of evil leaders.

Read Micah 3:9-12
II. Hypocritical Leadership. 

Applications –
- Leaders and money. Notice in vs. 11 that the leaders did wrong for a fee. ….. Let’s help take care of our leaders, so they are not tempted to chase after dishonest gain.

- God’s response to sin. Notice in vss. 11-12 that sin often leads to punishment. ….. Let’s work on dealing with sin before God sends punishment. 

Read Micah 6:6-8
III. Heavenly Living.

Applications –
- Bribing God to look the other way. Notice in vss. 6-7 that people cannot give enough back to God to make God look past their willful sins. ….. Let’s work on our sin issues, instead of trying to bribe God to look the other way.

- What God requires. Notice in vs. 8 that God makes clear that He wants His people to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him. .....Let’s work on living by God’s will.

Conclusion: Let’s work on avoiding being evil leaders and strive to obey God’s will. God has much for those who obey His will.

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