Sunday School Material 3-18-12: Water Turned to Wine

(John 2:1-12; 3/18/12)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is Jesus performed a miracle at a wedding that led to His disciples growing in faith. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to grow in our faith, as we observe God doing great things.

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Read John 2:1-6
I. Hope For a Miracle.
In this section of the Sunday School material Jesus, His disciples, and His mother were all at a wedding. The wine ran out.

Mary suggested to Jesus that He should do something about it. Jesus seems to be a little hesitant but instructs the servants to fill some very large jars with water.

Applications –
- Marriage and celebration.
Notice in vs. 2 of the Sunday School material that Jesus was at the wedding and celebration. His being there is an endorsement of both. First, God’s way is marriage, not co-habitating or shacking.

If a person is so in love with someone else that he/she has to have sex then he/she needs to get married. If the love is not that strong then he/she needs to refrain from sexual relations.

This is such a simply principle, but yet it seems to be set aside more and more, as the years go by. God endorses marriage.

Second, Jesus is not so holy that He cannot go to a reception or party. There are those who avoid receptions, parties, and almost all kinds of fun, in the name of the Lord. However, when we look at Jesus, He could have fun without engaging in sin.

In other words, it is not being at the party that is the sin. It is what we do at the party that may be sinful. Let’s work on upholding marriage and being Christians, even at the party.

- God’s plan and schedule. Notice in vs. 4 of the Sunday School material that Jesus had a sense of following the timetable set by His Father. We would do well to remember that God has a plan, and the plan includes a schedule.

The plan and schedule of God is working for the good of His people. The closer we are to His plan and schedule, the better things will be for us. The further we drift from God’s plan and schedule, the worst things will be for us.

Let’s work on trusting and following God’s plan and schedule. This application should move us to revisit our trying to hurry God. We cannot hurry Him, we just have to trust and follow.

Read John 2:7-12
II. Hope From a Miracle.
The water is turned to wine. We see in this section of the Sunday School material that the master of the banquet comments on the quality of the wine.

This was the first miracle of Jesus, and it nutured His disciples faith in Him. The text ends with Jesus, His family, and His disciples spending a few days in Capernaum.

Applications –
- Obedience.
Notice in vs. 7 of this section of the Sunday School material that the servants’ obedience played a key role in the miracle being performed.

You ought to ask yourself, “How many miracles have you missed out on simply because you could not follow instructions”? I am sure the servants had no idea why they should fill the pots, other than Jesus told them to. However, that was enough.

Let’s work on doing what God is calling us to do through whomever He is speaking through. Sometimes God speaks to us through those He has placed as rulers over us. God often speaks through His word.

We should work on hearing and obeying, even when we don’t understand why we are being called to do certain things.

- Miracles. Notice in vss. 9, 12 that a miracle had taken place, and the performance of the miracle nurtured the disciple's faith in Jesus. First, water has been turned into wine. There is no doubt that God is still able to perform miracles.

As long as God is a miracle worker, life is worth living, no matter how difficult it appears. God may perform a miracle and turn our situations around. Or God may change us, so we can handle our situations better.

Second, miracles and signs are not the norm of God. They are often used to nurture initial faith (see I Cor. 14:22) and then people are expected to grow in faith, by way of the Word of God (see I Pet. 2:2).

Too many want God to perform miracles all of the time. In fact, some want God to perform miracles as a substitute for them doing what God has called them to do. For example, some want God to give them more money, not a better job, more hours, or a profitable business.

Let’s work on thanking God for the miracles that He has and can do, while also appreciating that God wants us to walk by faith, not by signs and miracles.

- Moderation. Notice in vs. 9 of the Sunday School material that there is wine at the celebration, and Jesus has supplied the wine. It is one thing to be in a venue that has alcoholic beverages, but it is another thing, when you bring the bottles.

On one hand, there may be validity to the people in Jesus’ day diluting the wine with water, as suggested by the Sunday School commentator.

On the other hand, the reason they had to dilute it was because it was real wine that would lead to drunkenness, if taken in excess. Jesus endorsed a moderate use of wine. But it was and is still sin be drunk.

Let’s work on exercising moderation in all things. And then there is the issue of exercising love for weaker brothers and sisters who have not grown to appreciate the liberty found in Jesus.

- Family and ministry. Notice in vs. 12 that Jesus gave effort to maintaining relations with both His family of origin and His ministry. There are some who seem to be only able to focus on one or the other. However, God is calling us to focus on both and the other.

Family and friends are great training camps for the theoretical issues discussed in sermons and study periods. However, there may come a time, when God calls you to places that family and friends are not willing to go.

On that day, we should seek the wisdom and energy to obey God. Let’s work on our call to family and ministry.

Conclusion: Let’s work on growing in our faith, as we observe God doing great things. God has much for those who obey His will.

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