Kingdom-Seeking Prayer

(Mt. 6:1-8; 2/9/20; Dr. Baines, Jr.)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s material is that Jesus teaches His disciples how to pray. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to pray according to God’s will.


Read Matthew 6:9-13
I. The Prayer

Applications –
- Praying to our reverent Father.
Notice in vs. 9 the teaching on how to pray. ….. Let’s work on praying to our Father with reverence.

- God’s rulership. Notice in vs. 10 the concern with God’s kingdom coming and His will being done on Earth as it is in Heaven. ….. Let’s work on seeking and promoting God’s rulership of this world.

- God’s provision. Notice in vs. 11 the concern with seeking God’s provision. .....Let’s seek our provision from the Lord. 

- God’s forgiveness. Notice in vs. 12 the concern with seeking God’s forgiveness in proportion to how we forgive others. ….. Let’s live like we understand our need for God’s forgiveness. 

- God’s protection. Notice in vs. 13 the concern with God’s protection in the face of evil. Let’s pray for God’s protection from the devil’s plans to destroy us.

Read Matthew 6:14-15
II. On Forgiveness.

Applications –
- Forgiving others.
Notice in vss. 14-15 that there is a relationship between forgiving others and being forgiven by God.  Let’s work on forgiving quickly, so we can move on to living our best lives in God’s grace.

Conclusion: Let’s work on praying according to God’s will. God has much for those who obey His will.

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