Sunday School Material 12-28-14: Worship God's Son

(Matthew 14:22-36; 12/28/14)

Introduction:A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that Jesus stopped a storm after He walked on water and before He healed a number of sick people. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to worship God, as One who is worthy of our full submission and surrender.

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Read Matthew 14:22-23

I. Dismissal for Solitude. In our Sunday School material Jesus sends His disciples to the other side of the lake. He dismissed the crowd. And He spent time alone.

Applications -

- Our prayer lives. Notice in vss. 22-23 that there are times when private prayer is in order. On one hand, there are times to pray with others (e.g., Prayer Meetings/Services). On the other hand, there are times when we need to pray by ourselves.

Let’s work on our prayer lives. The times for private or communal prayer may vary from person to person; however, it seems that every believer ought to strive to have a prayer life that includes both types of praying.

Read Matthew 14:24-27

II. Walking on Water. When the disciples got a considerable distance from land, a storm arose on the lake. In our Sunday School material Jesus was walking on the water. They were terrified by what appeared to be a ghost. Jesus calmed them down.

Applications -

- Stormy weather. Notice in vs. 24 that the disciples did what Jesus told them to do, and they still ended up in a storm. In like manner, we can do all that God tells us to do and still find ourselves in stormy weather.

It may be a health, financial, or relational storm. Let’s be aware that obedience doesn’t insure a storm free life.

- Faith over fear. Notice in vss. 25-27 that Jesus called for His disciples to have more faith in Him than fear in what they saw or were concerned about. In like manner, God is calling us to trust Him.

“Yes” there are all kinds of things going on around us (e.g., urban violence, conflict in the Middle East, economic volatility, etc.). But we are yet called to trust our God who is able to not only walk on the water, but He is able to stop the storms in our lives.

Let’s work on having more faith in God than fear of what we see. Prayerful study of God’s word coupled with obedience and support from other disciples will help us with our faith development and conquering of fear.

Read Matthew 14:28-33

III. Test of Faith. In our Sunday School material Peter asks for instructions to walk on the water, but he soon sunk because of unbelief. Peter and Jesus climbed in the boat. The winds died down. And the disciples worshiped Jesus.

Applications -

- Growing from the storm. Notice in vs. 31-32 that Jesus chastises Peter’s lack of faith, before they walk back to the boat.

First, there are times to chastise and times to receive chastisement. There are too many who should but don’t chastise. And there are too many who rebel against godly chastisement. Second, we have talked about the importance of faith development above.

Third, the commentator highlighted a great observation. It appears that Peter may have walked back to the boat before he climbed in. If this is true then it shows some faith development.

Let’s work on growing from the storms in our lives. If we stay open, we can learn great lessons about God, our selves, and what God is calling us to do, right in the midst of our troubles.

- Worship. Notice in vs. 33 of our Sunday School material that the disciples who were in the boat worshiped Jesus, as they began to understand at a deeper level that He really was/is the Son of God.

In like manner, the more we learn about God and His will for our lives and the more we experience the moving of God in and around our lives, the more we should worship Him.

We should express our surrender and submission to His greatness. Let’s work on learning more about God and worshiping Him with both our lips and lives.

Read Matthew 14:34-36

IV. Healing the Sick. When they arrived in Gennesaret, people recognized Jesus. In our Sunday School material they gathered the sick in the area and brought them to Jesus. The people begged for Jesus to allow the sick people to touch the edge of His cloak and be healed.

Applications -

- Witnessing men. Notice in vs. 35-36 that the men helped to spread the word about Jesus. First, we need more men who can recognize the work of God and help spread the word about Him being available to all who trust Him.

There are too few men in most of our churches. And too many of the few that we have would not be described as those who recognize the moving of God and help to spread the word about Him.

Second, as in the Sunday School material, one of the best ways to get people connected to the Lord is for people who know Him to tell others about Him. There are too many people who talk more about the fearful disciples than about the healing power of God.

Let’s work on being a witness about what the Lord is doing and helping to develop more witnessing men. The very least we can do is pray that God would help our churches be places where men can grow to be all that God is calling them to be.

Conclusion: Let’s work on worshiping God, as One who is worthy of our full submission and surrender. God has much for those who obey His will.

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