Sunday School Material 12-12-10: I Am Your God

(Isaiah 41:8-10, 17-20; 12/12/10)

Introduction: A key idea in today's Sunday School material is God will take care of His own. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to make sure we belong to God and that we live faithful lives.

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Read Isaiah 41:8-9
I. The Call of the Lord.
In this section of the Sunday School material God refers to Israel as His servant. It is noted that Jacob was chosen by God.

Abraham was a friend of God. God is to gather His people back to Himself from the ends of the earth and chief men thereof.

Applications –
- Humble acceptance of being chosen.
Notice in vss. 8-9 of this portion of the Sunday School material that God chose Israel. In like manner God has chosen us who are saved. Two things about being chosen need to be noted.

First, we have no bragging rights. We were not chosen because we deserved to be chosen. We were chosen, in spite of our short comings, because God saw fit to choose us.

Second, we should have blessed assurance. No matter what people say about us or how we fell, we are still chosen by God. The opinions of people and our own opinions of ourselves have no impact on God’s having already chosen us.

Let’s humbly accept the assurance that comes from being chosen. In order to be in this group, you must make sure that you have accepted Jesus as your savior by faith.

The ability to do so is because you were chosen to do so, not because of your genius or the oratorical skill of the witness who told you about Jesus.

- God’s ability to bring us to Himself. Notice in vs. 9 of today's Sunday School material the mention of God bringing His people from the ends of the earth and from chief men.

No matter what shape we are in and no matter what people have planned for us, God has the last word. God is still able to bring us back from dark and evil places and people. Let’s live like we believe that God can still take care of us.

Read Isaiah 41:10
II. The Strength of the Lord.
In this section of the Sunday School material God tells His people not to be afraid. They can overcome their fear, because God is with them. God promises to strengthen, help, and uphold them with His strong right hand.

Applications –
- Fear over faith.
Notice in vs. 10 the idea of not being afraid. It is within our power to overcome fear. The best way to overcome fear to focus on faith based actions.

Do what God says do, with confidence that God will take care of you. This will help you focus on faith, instead of fear. Let’s work on overcoming fear with faith based actions.

- God is bigger than what we fear. Notice in vs. 10 of today's Sunday School material the idea that God is greater than what is feared. The reason given for not being afraid or dismayed is the presence of our strong God.

We are not to live in denial of danger. But we are to live in confidence that God is greater than our dangers. This kind of living should be noted for confidence, hope, and even joy. Let’s live like we trust God to be bigger than what we fear.

Read Isaiah 41:17-20
III. The Hand of the Lord.
God talks about how He will respond to the desperate cries of His poor people in this section of the Sunday School material.

He will provide miraculous water and trees. He will do it so that His people will have a united understanding and faith in God taking care of them.

Applications –
- The poor and needy.
Notice in vs. 17 the allowance of poverty and neediness. In other words, God doesn’t prevent even His children from having some down days, especially when they have sinned.

But notice further that God has special affection for the poor and needy. Let’s be careful how we treat the poor and needy. God may bless them to be up tomorrow. God may have some down days for us tomorrow.

However, nothing in this Sunday School material implies that we should not give diligence to financial stewardship. Financial stewardship includes earning high, spending low, investing, insuring, and passing wealth on to the glory of God.

- God’s provision and glory. Notice in vss. 18-20 that God is able and has plans to take care of His own. We learn from this Sunday School material what people declare to be impossible is possible for God.

Notice further that God waits for the time when His provision will draw His people closer to Himself. There are those who when God performs miracles too close to their own efforts take credit for the miracle.

So sometimes God waits until no one can be given credit for the miracle except Himself. Let’s learn to trust God to provide for us, and let’s acknowledge that He is the source of all that we have.

Conclusion: Let's work on making sure that we belong to God and that we are living faithful lives. God has much for those who obey His will.

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