Sunday School Material 11-7-10: God is Awesome

(Psalms 66:1-12; 11/7/10)

Introduction: A key idea in today's Sunday School material is that people should praise God. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to praise God, especially in light of how great He has been in our lives.

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Read Psalms 66:1-4
I. Glorious Praise.
In this section of the Sunday School material the readers are urged to make a joyful noise unto God. There is to be singing. The lyrics are to focus on the greatness of God.

Applications –
- Enthusiastic worship.
Notice in vss. 1-2 of the Sunday School material that making a joyful noise is urged. The enthusiastic worship is based on God's greatness, not on the worshipper's feelings.

Let's work on enthusiastic worship. God deserves it. It helps other believers. It can help us to feel better. God desires our worship.

Living by this application means that we cannot sit quietly with no type of expression on our faces, while worship is going on.

- Godly lyrics. Notice in vss. 2-3 that the lyrics of the songs and worship are to focus on the greatness of God. Just because a song is slow or fast, old or new, doesn't make it sacred. The lyrics make it sacred. Let's make sure that what we render as worship has godly lyrics.

This calls for studying the lyrics and comparing them to our understanding of God. It is also calls for enunciating our words, so people can hear what we are saying. It calls for music to accompany the vocals, instead of compete with them.

Read Psalms 66:5-7
II. Awesome Works.
The readers are urged to think about what God has done. We are reminded in this section of the Sunday School material that God brought the Israelites through the Red and Sea and the Jordan River on dry ground.

God's great works inspires praise among His people, but the rebellious should not exalt themselves.

Applications –
- God's historic goodness.
Notice in vss. 5-6 that the writer reminded the readers of how great and awesome (i.e., terrible) God had been in the Israelites' history. God had brought them over the Red Sea and Jordan River.

As Black believers, our Sunday School material should encourage us to look back over our slavery and Jim Crow periods and praise God like the Jews praise Him for bring them over the Red Sea and Jordan.

Let's thank God for how He brought us through dangers seen and unseen. There are some who are simply bitter about past pain. Some deny past pain.

- Submission, instead of rebellion. Notice in vs. 7 that the rebellious are told not to exalt themselves. Whenever a person knows right and refuses to do right or does wrong, that is rebellious. Self exaltation will not last.

God has a way of pulling down those who put themselves up and picking up those who humble themselves before God. Let's work on submitting to God, instead of being rebellious. Our submission must include loving God and others as we love ourselves.

Read Psalms 66:8-12
III. Voiced Praise.
We see in this section of the Sunday School material that the readers are to praise God aloud. God had allowed trouble to happen. But He also brought His people out into a better place.

Applications –
- Faith development.
Notice in vss. 10-12 that God is said to have tried His people. God allowed them to suffer afflictions and hard times. But He also brought them out better than when they went into their times of trouble.

It is easy to praise God when all is well. However, we must develop the needed faith to praise God when storms are raging. Let's work on our faith development. Prayerful study and obedience with the support of other believers will help us with faith development.

Conclusion: Let's work on praising God for His greatness. God has much for those who obey His will.

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