Sunday School Material 11-6-16: Brand New

(Rev. 21:1-8; 11/6/16)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that God has plans for replacing this world with one that is much better. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to live in accord with God’s will.

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Revelation 21:1-4

I. United. A new Heaven and Earth are seen. The first have passed away. In our Sunday School material there is mention of a New Jerusalem and loud voice. God and His people will be together. There will be no more mourning or crying.

Applications –

- Better days ahead. Notice in vss. 1-2, 4 that there will be a lack of crying and pain. On one hand, there are many things that tempt us to cry in this world – discrimination, oppression, wickedness, etc.

But on the other hand, through Christ, we have a new Heaven, Earth, and Jerusalem to look forward to. Let’s live like we believe that better days are ahead. This calls for making sure that we are saved and striving to obey God’s will.

- Fellowship with God. Notice in vs. 3 of our Sunday School material that there will be fellowship among God’s people and God. On one hand, we can have some fellowship with God today.

When we prayerfully study and obey God’s word with the support of other disciples, we are experiencing some fellowship with God.

On the other hand, a greater fellowship with God awaits those who are saved. We will have to wait until we get there to really explain it.

Let’s live like we appreciate the current and promised fellowship with God. This kind of living should be known for prayerful studying and obeying God’s word with the support of other disciples with the expectation that better is coming.

Revelation 21:5-8

II. Separated. The One on the throne declares He will make all things new. He will give drink to the thirsty. The text in our Sunday School material says the victorious will be rewarded. The cowardly and ungodly will be sent to the lake of fire.

Applications –

- God’s written promises. Notice in vs. 5 that John is instructed to write some things down which are trustworthy and true.

First, it is good to write important things down. A written document allows both the writer and reader to revisit exactly what was said. Think about how this applies to church agreements, friendly loans with loved ones, performance reviews on the job, and the promises made by politicians.

Second, God keeps His promises. They are trustworthy and true. He says what He means and means what He says. For example, God promises to bless obedience and punish disobedience.

Let’s work on writing important things down and living like we trust the promises of God. If we really trusted the promises of God, we would work on obeying to be blessed and work on avoiding sin, so we will not be punished.

- Being victorious. Notice in vss. 6-7 that the Lord is at the beginning and end of the first creation. He is the One who gives refreshment to those who are spiritually thirsty. And He insures that the victorious receive their inheritance.

First, we should not try to compartmentalize God. God is too big to be put into simply a “Sunday morning” box, or “religious” box, or “crisis counselor” box. God is everywhere at the same time working to carry out His plan.

Second, those who are spiritually thirsty will find that God is able to satisfy their thirst like nothing else can. Third, there are great blessings for those who stay faithful. Growth groups are designed to help us stay faithful, not just familiar with Bible related information.

Let’s work on living like we trust God to do all that He says that He will do. This kind of living is known for obedience, not just lip service.

- Lost sinners. Notice in vs. 8 that there is a burning lake of fire for those who are not among God’s people. They are known for being cowardly, unbelieving, murders, and liars among other sinful descriptions.

On one hand, no matter how sinful we are, we can be saved through faith in Christ. On the other hand, there are many who would rather cling to their sinful ways than be saved by the grace of God.

Let’s work on living like we trust that God will handle lost sinners. This kind of living should be known for our striving to live obedient lives. And it should be noted for our confidence that God will handle the wicked.

Conclusion: Let’s work on living in accord with God’s will. God has much for those who obey His will.

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