Faith That is Tested

(II Cor. 13:1-11; 11/3/19; Dr. Baines, Jr.)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that Paul urges his readers to focus on living by God’s will. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to focus on understanding and obeying God’s will for our lives.

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Read II Corinthians 13:1-6
I. Examination.

Applications –
- Dealing with sin prudently. Notice in vss. 1-2 that matters are to be established with two or three witnesses, perhaps especially when dealing with sin......Let’s work on acting prudently, especially regarding sin.

- Weakness and strength. Notice in vss. 3-4 that what appears to be weakness can be a part of being powerful in God. ..... Let’s work on being strong in God’s will, even if it calls for appearing to be weak, in the moment.

- Self-examination and obedience. Notice in vs. 5 that Paul urges his readers to do some self-examination. ...... Let’s work on self-examination and obedience. 

Read II Corinthians 13:7-11
II. Exhortation.

Applications –
- Praying for one another. Notice in vs. 7 that Paul prays for his readers to live obedient lives because of their relationship with God. .....Let’s work on praying for one another’s obedience to God because of our relationships with Him.

- Disciple making and authority. Notice in vss. 9-10 that Paul is willing to make some sacrifices for the sake of those he ministers to. ..... Let’s work on doing our part in helping people grow in their discipleship.

- Joyful love and obedience. Notice in vs. 11 that Paul urges rejoicing, striving for full restoration, encouraging one another, being of one mind, living in peace, and being with the God of love and peace. .....Let’s work on joyfully loving one another and obeying God’s will for our lives.

Conclusion: Let’s work on understanding and obeying God’s will for our lives. God has much for those who obey His will.

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