Sunday School Material 11-20-16: Living Waters

(Revelation 22:1-7; 11/20/16)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that God has great plans for His people. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to make sure that we are people of God and living in the hope of God carrying out His plans.

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Read Revelation 22:1-5

I. What John Sees. The angel shows John a river that flows from God’s throne down the great street of the city. The tree of life is found on both sides of the river. And the leaves of the tree are good for the healing of the nations. There is no night in the city because of the presence of God.


Applications –

- Angels. Notice in vss. 1, 6 the angle is showing and speaking to John about God’s agenda. The purpose of angels is to aid people in carrying out God’s will. In like manner, God uses people as angels today – they help us carry out God’s will. And we should strive to be like angles who help people do God’s will. Let’s be mindful of angels and angelic. When you witness or otherwise respond to a need for God’s glory, you’re being angelic.


- God’s great plans. Notice in vss. 1-3 that there is no curse in the New Jerusalem. There is a river of the water of life and the tree of life with leaves that are good for the healing of the nations. There are a number of things about this text that may be beyond our ability to explain. However, it is clear that God has great plans for His people. Trouble doesn’t last always. Let’s live like we believe that God has a great plan for His people. This kind of living should be known for joyful and expectant obedience.


- Serving and worshipping God. Notice in vss. 3-5 that service is still expected from God’s servants. The word “service” could be interpreted as “worship.” The servants of God are the same as those who have accepted Jesus as their savior by faith. There are some gaps in our understanding, but it is clear that the New Jerusalem is not for just sitting around and doing nothing. God still wants our worship and service. Let’s work on worshipping and serving the Lord today. It should be easy for us to worship God, in light of how good He has been, is being, and promises to be. We should serve God by using the gifts that He has given us to respond to the needs before us, in ways that bring glory to Him.


Read Revelation 22:6-7

II. What John Hears. The angel assures John that the words that have been shared are trustworthy. God sent the angel to tell John about the things that are to soon take place. Blessings are given to those who obey the word of God. 


Applications –

- God’s trustworthy and true words. Notice in vs. 6 that God’s words are trustworthy and true. This is the case with the words in the book of Revelation and throughout the Bible. Here are several promises that we should keep in mind. First, only those who have accepted Jesus as their savior shall be saved. Second, God will bless those who obey His will (i.e., love God and others, as we love ourselves). Third, God will punish those who don’t obey. Let’s live like we believe that God’s words are trustworthy and true. Such living calls for joyful obedience.


- Blessings attached to obedience. Notice in vs. 7 that blessings are attached to obeying God’s word. It is pretty easy to get church goers to say “amen” to this idea. But it is rather difficult to get us to live accordingly. If we really believed that obedience leads to blessings, we would tithe as the Lord tells us to. We would worship with enthusiasm and love with godly dedication. Let’s work on developing our faith in there being a blessing in obeying God’s word. Prayerfully studying and obeying God’s word with a mind to obey it and with the support of other disciples can prove helpful in our faith development.


Conclusion: Let’s work on making sure that we are people of God and living in the hope of God carrying out His plans. God has much for those who obey His will.

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