Sunday School Material 11-2-14: God's Glory Fills the Temple

(Job 43:1-12; 11/2/14)

Introduction:A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that God has plans to reconcile with His people. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to make sure that we are striving to obey God’s will, so our fellowship with Him can be in order.

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Read Ezekiel 43:1-5

I. Seeing a Vision. In our Sunday School material Ezekiel is escorted by a man in his vision. In the vision, Ezekiel sees the glory of God coming towards him from the east. God is pictured as having a very powerful voice. The glory of the Lord filled the Temple.

Applications -

- Fear and reverence inspiring God. Notice in vss. 1-3 that God is pictured as a great God, one who deserves to be feared and reverenced. In like manner, God really is great and worthy of our fear and reverence.

It is not simply a biblical picture. God is the creator, sustainer, and judge of our entire world. Let’s live like we believe that God is a great God who deserves our fear and reverence. Such living should be known for obedience.

- God’s consistency. Notice in vss. 3-4 that the God who came from the east is the same God who went to the east. The commentator does a good job of talking about how God left towards the east because of His people’s sins.

In our Sunday School material, He comes from the east because of His grace and mercy.

In other words, God doesn’t change on us. If we obey Him, He will abide with us and bless us. If we don’t obey Him, we are subject to punishment, until we repent or God decides to simply have gracious mercy on us.

Let’s live like we believe that God is a consistent God. This kind of living should be known for obeying God with the expectation that God will do what He promised.

Read Ezekiel 43:6-9

II. Hearing a Message. Ezekiel heard the Lord talking to him, in the vision. The Lord talks about how the Temple is the place of His throne. In our Sunday School material He goes on to talk about how His people will not defile this Temple. It is implied that they defiled the previous one. 

Applications -

- Reconciliation. Notice in vs. 7 that God is concerned with reconciliation between Himself and His people. God is not simply angry nor is He indifferent. On the contrary, God is passionate about there being reconciliation with His people. 

The same is true today. God passionately wants a peaceful relationship between Himself and His people. Our sins cause distance and stress. But our repentance leads to reconciliation. 

Let’s live like we believe that God is passionate about reconciliation. Such living should be known for our repentance from sin to right living with the expectation that God will restore fellowship with Him. 

Note that sin doesn’t cause us to lose our relationship, but it can strain and diminish our fellowship with God. 

- Holiness. Notice in vss. 7-9, 12 that God is a holy God and demands that His dwelling place be holy. To be holy includes the idea of set aside, dedicated, or used only for God’s usage. 

In our Sunday School material, the human leaders were too close to that which was supposed to be for God only. The people of God were too sinful to be considered set aside for God only. 

In like manner, God is still calling His people (i.e., we who are saved by accepting Jesus as our savior by faith) to be holy - set aside and used only for His will. 

When we allow others to take the place that should be for God only, we make God angry. When we don’t live as if we are concerned with only God’s will then we are making God angry. 

Let’s live holy lives - lives that are for God only. Note that God has instructions for every area of our lives, not just church. God has instructions for health, wealth, relationships, community involvement, and positive mental attitude. 

Read Ezekiel 43:10-12

III. Conveying a Message. Ezekiel is told to describe the Temple to God’s people. If they are ashamed of their sins, Ezekiel is to give them more details about the Temple. All that surrounds the Temple is to be holy. 

Applications -

- Following God’s plan. Notice in vss. 10-12 that God has a plan for how His Temple is to be constructed. In like manner, we are called to discover and follow God’s plan for our lives. 

God doesn’t leave it up to us to compose a plan, as much as discover His plan. And the more we discover His plan, the more we are to obey it. Let’s work on discovering and obeying God’s plans for our lives. 

- Shame and repentance. Notice in vss. 10-11 in our Sunday School material that the more the people became aware of their sins and God’s plans, the more they should have been so ashamed that they repented of their sins. 

In like manner, God is not impressed when we know how sinful we are and how righteous He is. God is more impressed when this kind of knowledge leads to our repenting - turning from our sins to obeying God’s will for our lives. 

Let’s be ashamed enough to repent. At the core of God’s will for our lives are the issues of accepting Jesus as our savior by faith and living lives focused on loving God and others as we love ourselves. 

Conclusion: Let’s work on making sure that we are striving to obey God’s will, so our fellowship with Him can be in order. God has much for those who obey His will.

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