Sunday School Material 11-17-13: Beginning of Freedom

(Exodus 14:13, 14, 21-30; 11/17/13)

Introduction::A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that God makes a way of freedom for His people. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to trust God to make a way for His people today.

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Read Exodus 14:13, 14

I. Terrifying Situation. In our Sunday School material Moses talks to the people. He calls them to stand firm. God will take care of the Egyptians.

Applications -

- Self control. Notice in vss. 13-14 the call for the people to stand firm, instead of be afraid of the Egyptian army. There are too many people who allow the circumstances of their lives to control their emotional state.

As people of God, we are called to have emotions that are controlled by our faith in God.

We can stand firm because we trust God to be bigger than our circumstances, as in the text. Let’s learn to trust God enough to let Him control our emotions and behavior as well.

Read Exodus 14:21-28

II. Miraculous Intervention. In our Sunday School material the Lord has Moses to stretch out his hand over the sea. The Lord sent a wind to dry up the sea, so God’s people could cross over. Pharaoh’s army pursued the people into the sea bed.

The Lord has Moses to stretch out his hand over the sea again. This time, the Lord sends the water back into the sea, and the army is destroyed.

Applications -

- Impossible situations. Notice in vs. 21 that God is able to do what seems to be impossible. If you have to understand how God will make a way for His people, you may never move past trying to understand to obeying.

God is able to do far more than we can understand. Let’s learn to trust God to do what seems to be impossible to us.

- Our enemies. Notice in vss. 24-25 that God can handle our enemies. There are people in our lives who are too big and bad for us to handle. However, God is bigger and stronger than our worse enemies.

Let’s live like we trust that God will handle our enemies. Such living should be known for confidence in and obedience to God’s will.

- God’s use of Moses. Notice in vs. 26 of our Sunday School material that God uses Moses to be a part of the miraculous delivery of the people. In like manner, God often uses human agents as a part of His miraculous plans.

There are too many people who become distracted from God’s will because they are too focused on the human element.

Let’s work on living like we understand that God does miraculous things in and through human agents. Such living should include following leadership with ultimate confidence in God.

- Following instructions. Notice in vss. 21, 27 that it is so important to follow God’s instructions. In our Sunday School material Moses was called to stretch out his hand as a part of drying up the water and to stretch it out again to have the waters to drown the enemies.

In like manner, believers are called to obey God’s instructions today. We are to be evangelism and community involvement workers. Through our obedience God can do great things. Let’s work on following God’s instructions.

Read Exodus 14:29-30

III. Victorious Resolution. There is a reminder of what happened in our Sunday School material. The Lord allowed His people to cross the sea on dry ground. And the Lord destroyed the army of the enemy in the same sea.

Applications -

- Recapping. Notice in vss. 29-30 that there is a recap. It is important to review often enough for people to understand, remember, and live in accordance with what God has done. Some things are so important that we need to recap and review them from time to time.

Our membership orientation material, Baptist familiarity material, and even our church’s history fit into this category. Let’s work on recapping and living in accord with what God has done and is calling us to do.

Conclusion: Let’s work on trusting God to make a way for His people today. God has much for those who obey His will.

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