Sunday School Material 11-14-10: God is Forever

(Psalms 90:1-12; 11/14/10)

Introduction: A key idea in today's Sunday School material is that human life should focus on pleasing God. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to focus our lives on pleasing God.

Read Psalms 90:1-6
I. The Eternality of God.
In this section of the Sunday School material God is pictured as the eternal dwelling place.

God turns humanity to destruction or dust and then calls them to return. A thousand years is like yesterday with God. Humanity's life is so short.

Applications –
- The eternality of God.
Notice in vss. 1-2 of this section of the Sunday School material that God is said to be from everlasting to everlasting.

Furthermore, it has been in God that the writer's dwelling has been. First, it is a marvelous thought to think of God being from everlasting to everlasting. That means that He has a much greater perspective on today than anyone of us.

That means that we can trust His instructions for our lives. Second, God has been our dwelling place or our place of protection. In other words, if it had not been for the Lord, we would not be here.

The eternality of God and His being our God should move us to trust Him with the things that concern us today. Let's learn to trust God with our very lives and all of our concerns. Trust is demonstrated by our obedience.

If we don’t trust God and try to deal with our problems without Him, many of us have discovered that this is a losing proposition.

- Back to dust. Notice in vs. 3 of this section of the Sunday School material that no matter what we do in this world, God is calling us back to the dust from which we can.

This idea is seen clearer in the NIV of the Bible, as compared to the KJV of the Bible. When this really gets deep into our hearts, it should impact the way we live.

First, we realize that no matter how bad our troubles may be, they are temporary. Therefore, there is no reason to give ourselves to unnecessary stress.

Second, no matter how great our accomplishments and happy moments may be, they are as temporary as our days of trouble. Therefore, we should not become addicted to happy moments. Only what we do for Christ will really last.

Let's make sure we live as if we believe that we are passing through this world to eternal life with the Lord. This kind of living should be noted for obediently loving God and others as we love ourselves.

Read Psalms 90:7-12
II. The Temporal Nature of Man.
The wrath of God is talked about. Humanity's brief life and God's awesome power and anger can be a bad combination.

The writer of this section of the Sunday School material asks for teaching on numbering days and applying hearts to wisdom.

Applications –
- God's anger and wrath.
Notice in vss. 7-8 of this section of the Sunday School material that God is angered and given to wrath by our sins.

Since a normal life is so short in the grand scheme of things, it should be obvious that we don't want to shorten or bring stress into our lives by angering God. But yet we put ourselves in this position, when we sin against Him.

We sin against God when we do not obey His word. When we don't obey biblical teachings like studying, serving, giving, witnessing, worshipping, loving, and following leadership, we are sinning.

When we don’t follow biblical principles for family, relationships, and community, we are sinning. There is no way to hide our sins from the all seeing eyes of God. Let's work on our sin issues, so we can enjoy God's favor, instead of His wrath.

There are too many who would rather quiet the Prophet than to obey God's word. There are too many who are too comfortable with their sins. This crowd is on their way to God's anger and wrath.

- Healthy living. Notice in vs. 10 the mention of 70-80 years of life being what the writer considers an average life span. There are many exceptions to this idea. On one hand, for most of human history people have lived shorter than 70-80 years.

On the other hand, God has blessed our church family with dozens of those who have seen 80 years of age and a handful have even seen 90 years of age.

If more of us are going to see 70-80 years of age with a reasonable quality of life, we would do well to pay more attention to things like eating healthy foods, exercising, and going to the doctors.

We would do well to give more attention to helping our communities be safer places, as opposed to so much violence, drug usage, and risky behaviors. Let's work on living long healthy lives for the Lord.

Remember that to whom much is given much is required. Woe unto those who live long but serve little. The longer we live, the more people should be blessed by our lives.

- Numbering and applying. Notice in vs. 12 of the Sunday School material the idea of learning to number our days and apply our hearts towards wisdom. In other words, it doesn't come natural for people to see the brevity of life, as God sees it.

It doesn't come natural for people to use their few days wisely, instead of foolishly. But thank God, if we are willing to learn, God is willing to teach us how to number our days and apply our hearts, emotions, and inner beings towards that which is wise.

Let's work on learning to number our days and live those days wisely. At the core of wise living are issues like making sure you are saved, loving God, and loving others as yourself.

Conclusion: Let's focus our lives on pleasing God. God has much for those who obey His will.

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