The Marriage of Issac

(Genesis 24:12-21, 61-67; 10/28/18; Pas. Baines, Jr.)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that God blessed Isaac to be married to Rebekah. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to work on discerning and obeying God’s will.

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Read Genesis 24:12-21

I. Answered Prayer. 

Applications –

- Our prayer lives. Notice in vss. 12-14 that the servant asked the Lord to help him be successful......Let’s work on our prayer lives. 

- Rebekah’s example. Notice in vss. 15-21 that Rebekah was beautiful, a virgin, and known for her hospitality...... Let’s work on learning from Rebekah’s example. 

Read Genesis 24:61-67

II. Answered Call. 

Applications –

-  Relocating. Notice in vs. 61 that Rebekah was willing to go...... Let’s seek God’s wisdom and courage about moving. 

- Meditating. Notice in vs. 63 that Isaac made time to meditate......Let’s work on meditating on God, His will for our lives, and our obedience to His will. 

- Marriage. Notice in vs. 67 that Isaac married Rebekah......Let’s work on respecting marriage and God’s will.  

- Grief. Notice in vs. 67 that Isaac was able to move forward after a season of grieving the loss of his mother...... Let’s work on dealing with our grief in healthy ways. 

Conclusion: Let’s work on prayerfully discerning and obeying God’s will. God has much for those who obey His will. 

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