Sunday School Material 10-10-10: God's Law Sustains

(Psalms 19:7-14; 10/10/10)

Introduction: A key idea in today's Sunday School material is that obeying God's will is that path to blessings. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to learn and obey God's word.

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Read Psalms 19:7-10
I. Qualities of the Law of the Lord.
The law of the Lord is said to be good in a number of ways. And it is said to be beneficial, in a number of ways. Having God's will to be done should be desired more than gold and is sweeter than honey.

Applications –
- The goodness of God's will.
Notice in vss. 7-8 of our Sunday School material that God's will is good. The phrases "law of the Lord," "testimony of the Lord," "statues of the Lord," and "commandment of the Lord" are all the equivalent of God's will.

The terms "perfect," "sure," "right," and "pure" are the equivalent of being good. (This is a great text to use to show Hebrew parallelism.) Because the will of God is good, we should study and obey it.

Let's work on studying God's word, as if the will of God is good. There is a grave disconnect between saying that God's will, which is found in His word, is good and then we don't study God's word.

- Blessings for the obedient. Notice in vss. 7-8 of our Sunday School material that obeying God's will leads to all kinds of blessings for those who obey. Phrases like "converting the soul," "making wise the simple," "rejoicing the heart," and "enlightening the eyes" all referred to some kind of blessing for those who obey the will of God.

Who doesn't want to be converted (i.e., changed from being enemy of God to being favored by God), wise, joyful, and enlightened? The way to all of these positive situations is found in obeying God's will. Let's work on obeying the will of God. Knowing about God's word is not the same thing as obeying it.

The blessings of God are found in obedience. If you are not faithful in studying, serving, and giving; not faithful in witnessing, worshipping, and being loving; not faithful in family and community duties then this is an important application for you.

- Fearing God. Notice in vss. 9-10 of our Sunday School material a continuation of the thoughts found in vss. 7-8. We see that God's will is alluded to by phrases like "the fear of the Lord" and "the judgments of the Lord." We see the goodness of God's will referred to as "clean" and "true."

And the blessings attached to obedience are referred to as "enduring forever" and "righteous altogether." And then vs. 10 talks further about the blessings of obedience when it compares the results of obedience with gold and honey.

Let's work on fearing God enough to obey His will, as if it is worth more than gold and sweeter than honey. Fear can mean at least two things in this text. All believers should fear God, meaning to have a deep respect for Him like we would a strong and loving father figure.

However, especially those who don't obey His will should fear God, meaning to be afraid. We should be afraid because God punishes those who don’t obey His will. His blessings are much more enjoyable than His punishments.

Read Psalms 19:11-14
II. Application of the Law of the Lord.
The writer, some say David, goes on to talk about the rewards that come from obeying God's will. He seeks divine assistance in avoiding sin. He wants his life to be acceptable to God.

Applications –
- Warning and guide.
Notice in vs. 11 of our Sunday School material that the will of God warns us of danger and guides us towards blessings. When we obey God's will, follow the path that He directs us to follow, we receive two benefits.

One, we avoid the dangers of this world. His word is like guard rails around dangerous curves in the road of life. If we stay on the right side, there is safety. If we find ourselves on the wrong side of the warning guard rail, we can easily go off a dangerous cliff.

Second, if we stay with God's will, we will not only avoid danger, but we will arrive at a destination of reward and blessings. There are untold blessings in simply doing what God say do and not doing what God says don't do.

Let's work on simply obeying God's word. Family, community, and church would be so much better, if we simply obey God's word. But disobedience leads to all kinds of stress and drama.

- Help for our sins. Notice in vss. 12-13 of our Sunday School material that David is concerned with the sin in his life. He wants help with his secret sins. Too many of us have sins that we think no one else knows about. And we all have sins of which we may not be conscious.

David also wanted help with his presumptuous sins. These are willful and arrogant sins. He calls for help to break the sinful habits of his life. Let's call on help to deal with the sin in our lives. We need to deal with secret and willful sins.

We need to ask for help, but we need to also make sure we take the help that is given. God is merciful towards those who are honestly working on their sins. However, we provoke God's angry punishment, when we persist in our sins.

For example, it is one thing to work on being more loving. But it is dangerous to simply say that this is who I am, take it or leave it.

It is one thing to work on following the Pastor's instructions to complete Training Union and follow Pastoral instructions. But it is dangerous to simply not do it and cause stress by our rebellion.

- Pleasing God. Notice in vss. 13-14 of our Sunday School material that David's concern was with pleasing God. He wanted even his words and thoughts/meditations to be pleasing to his God, who is pictured as his strength and redeemer.

Think about how good God has been to us, for example, He redeemed us from the doom of our sin debt. God's goodness should move us to want to live a life that is pleasing to God.

When we think about how all of our strength is actually supplied by God and has always been supplied by God then we too should want to live a life that is pleasing and acceptable to God. Let's work on living like we really want to please God.

When basic stuff like study, serve, and give are not the norm of our church family, when we do a half job of witnessing, giving ourselves in enthusiastic worship, and being loving then no matter what we say, our behavior says that we are not serious enough about pleasing God.

Conclusion: Based on our Sunday School material, let's work on learning and obeying God's word. God has much for those who obey His will.

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