Sunday School Material: Revealed in Rejection

(Matthew 13:54-58; 1/31/10)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is Jesus is rejected, but He yet does some good works. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to do what we can, in spite of rejection.

Read Matthew 13:54-56
I. Rejection in Nazareth.
We see in this first section of the Sunday School material Jesus teaches in the synagogue, in His home town. He does a unique and wise job. The town’s people wondered how someone with such an humble beginning could do such marvelous things.

Applications -
- Teaching and learning, so we can live.
Notice in vs. 54 of the Sunday School material that Jesus was teaching in the synagogue. In order for Him to be teaching, someone had to be learning.

There are too many who want to come to worship and be called a Christian but don’t come to study, learn, and live like one. Let’s work on being in the teaching/learning sessions, so we can live like God wants us to live.

Let’s support our church being a church of great teaching and learning. To this end, teachers need to cooperate with the training efforts. Students need to support those who follow leadership.

- Focus on God more than His methods. Notice in vss. 55-56 of the Sunday School material that the people in Jesus’ home town were more concerned with Him than the mighty teaching that He was doing.

They could not get past their familiarity with Him and appreciate what God was doing in and through Him. Let’s work on staying focused on God more than the people or methods that God use.

Throughout the Bible, God uses sinners (Jesus was obviously not a sinner) to do mighty works for Him. God can do great works through those who used to be prostitutes, drug addicts, and abusers.

Read Matthew 13:57-58
II. Restriction in Nazareth.
The people were offended in Jesus. Jesus talked about the prophet’s dishonor at home. He did not do many mighty works because of their unbelief.

Applications –
- Don’t be offended by the truth.
Notice in vs. 57 that the people were offended about how the truth applied to them about the rejection of home town prophets. There are those who get upset when the truth says that they are wrong.

The sitting non-tither is often offended by the attention given to those who are striving to trust God in their giving. The grumpy person is offended by the attention given to those who are striving to be loving personalities.

Let’s fight the temptation of being offended by the truth. Our being offended is not going to change our being right or wrong. At judgment, we are going to have to give an account for our lives.

- Faith development. Notice in vs. 58 that the people’s lack of faith led to their lack of blessings. Most church goers claim that they want more. Our text teaches us that when we lack faith, it often leads to a lack of blessings.

Let’s work on our faith development. Prayerfully studying God’s word with the support of other believers can go along ways.

- Doing what you can. Notice in vs. 58 that Jesus did not do many mighty works. He did some but not many mighty works. Let’s not allow our inability to do all that we want to do to keep us from doing those things that we can do.

We may not get all of our family members saved. However, we should try to get as many saved as we can. We may not be able to be a part of all of the great efforts that we want to be a part of, but we should be a part of those that we can.

Conclusion: Let’s work on doing what we can, in spite of being rejected. God has much for those who obey His will.

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