Sunday School Material 1-29-17: Praise God With All Creation

(Psalm 148; 1/29/17)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that all of God’s creation is called upon to give Him some praise. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to make sure that we praise the Lord on a regular basis.

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Read Psalm 148: 1-6

I. Praise From the Heavens. There is a call to praise the Lord in our Sunday School material. The heavens are called to praise the Lord. The sun and moon are to praise Him. The Lord created them.

Applications –

- Praising the Lord. Notice in vs. 1 the call to praise the Lord. First, we are called to praise. We are not called to simply spectate. We are called to express our admiration and allegiance. This ought to be done with enthusiasm.

Second, we are to praise the Lord. We don’t come to praise the preacher, church people, building, or anything other than the Lord. Let’s work on praising the Lord in every worship service and throughout the week. We should praise the Lord with our lips and lives (i.e., obedience).

- Heavenly praise. Notice in vss. 1-6 that the Heavens are called to praise the Lord. This may be figurative language. However, if it were possible for the Heavens to the praise the Lord, they would be expected to do so.

For after all, the Lord created them and sustains them. Thus, they owe God some praise. In like manner God has created and sustains us, so we owe Him as well. Let’s working on praising the Lord, in light of His creating and sustaining us and the Heavens.

Read Psalm 148:7-12

II. Praise From the Earth. All of the Earth is to praise the Lord. Ocean, animals, climate elements, and the land animals are mentioned. People are mentioned in our Sunday School material.

Applications –

- Earthly praise. Notice in vss. 7-10 that all of God’s earthly creation owes Him some praise. As with the Heavens, the Earth owes God some praise because God created and sustains it also. The Lord made the oceans and the animals there in. The Lord made the climate elements.

The wild and domesticated animals all come from God’s creative power. We should be thankful because without God creating the Earth, we would not have a place to live. We need God’s created water, climate, and animals. Let’s praise God for His creation of Earth and all that is in it.

- Human praise. Notice in vss. 11-12 that humanity is called to praise the Lord. Leaders and followers, male and female as well as young and old are all called to praise the Lord. We never get too powerful or too old to praise the Lord.

And no matter how young or powerless we may be, we owe God some praise. Because after all, we are still here. Let’s work on praising the Lord, no matter what our lot in life may be.

Read Psalm 148:13-14

III. Praise From God’s Chosen. The Lord is to be praised because His name is exalted. Our Sunday School material says His splendor is above everything else (i.e., Earth and Heavens). His people are called to praise Him.

Applications –

- The Lord is above everything else. Notice in vs. 13 that the Lord is in a category all by Himself. His splendor is above the Earth and Heavens, and His name is exalted. It is one thing to say that the Lord is above all. But it is another thing to live accordingly.

Let’s live like we believe that the Lord is above all. This kind of living should be known for obeying the Lord. At the core of God’s will are the issues of making sure that we are saved and living lives that are focused on loving God and others, as we love ourselves.

- Dutiful praise. Notice in vs. 14 that God expects praise especially from “His people.” In our text, “His people” were a reference to the Jews. Today, “His people” are those who are saved by accepting Jesus as their savior by faith.

First, we should make sure that we are saved. You can come to church on a regular basis and not be saved. Make sure you have accepted Jesus as your savior by faith. Second, you have a duty to praise the Lord, no matter how you feel or what is going on in your life. Sometimes we have to praise God for what we believe is on the way. Let’s work on dutifully praising the Lord.

Conclusion: Let’s work on praising the Lord on a regular basis. God has much for those who obey His will.

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