Sunday School Material: Demonstrated in Acts of Healing

(Matthew 9:27-34; 11:2-6; 1/17/10)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is Jesus ministered to the needs of people. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to minister to the needs of people.

Read Matthew 9:27-31
I. Healing the Blind.
Jesus heals two blind men in this first section of the Sunday School material. The men were healed because of their faith. They went and told others about their healing, even though Jesus told them not to tell anyone.

Applications –
- Faith development.
Notice in vss. 28-29 of the Sunday School material the importance of having enough faith to be healed. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

The kind of faith that pleases God is that which acts on the Word of God, with confidence that God will take care of His own (see Rom. 10:17; Jm. 2:17).

Let’s work on developing enough faith to be healed and please God. Such faith is developed by prayerfully studying and obeying God, with the support of other believers. Just coming to church is not enough.

- Obeying God, instead of our own will. Notice in vss. 30-31 that the healed men followed after their zeal, instead of after divine instructions.

On one hand, I can understand being so excited about the goodness of the Lord that we want to tell someone. However, passages like I Samuel 15:22; Proverbs 14:12 teaches the importance of putting obedience above what seems right to us.

Let’s work on being obedient, instead of simply following after our own desires. For example, we have instructions to worship God in ways that edify others.

Therefore, we should obey, instead of being quiet non-demonstrative bumps on the log, even if we are normally quiet, in church.

Read Matthew 9:32-34
II. Healing the Demon Possessed.
In this second section of the Sunday School material a man possessed with a demon was brought to Jesus. Jesus healed him. Some marveled at the healing. The Pharisees accused Jesus of being in partnership with the devil.

Applications –
- Ministry partnerships.
Notice in vs. 32 of this Sunday School material that at least two people were involved in helping the demon possessed man get hooked up with Jesus.

Let’s work on being in ministry partnerships that help people get hooked up with Jesus. For example, we can join one another in prayer, talk to the loved ones of one another, and even be available for transportation and needed assistance.

These partnerships will call for humbly asking for help and people being available and compassionate enough to render help.

- Being in the right group. Notice in vss. 33-34 of the Sunday School material that some marveled at the ministry of Jesus and others accused Him of wrong doing.

Let’s make sure we are in that group that marvels and praises God for His great works. Let’s not allow our own agenda and lack of discernment to have us in the group that opposes the work on God.

When we are not in compliance with the Word of God, we are in the wrong group. For example, when we are not trying to tithe, not trying to be a leader or encourage the development of leaders, and not trying to invite and bring loved ones to church and Christ, we are in the wrong group.

Read Matthew 11:2-6
III. Answering John’s Question.
In this last section of the Sunday School material John sends messengers to inquire about Jesus’ identity. Jesus sent word about the works that were being done. He talked about there being blessings for those who are not offended.

Applications –
- Validating works.
Notice in vss. 4-5 that Jesus had more than words to His credit. In the Sunday School material we see He had many good works.

Let’s work on having enough works to validate our claims of being disciples of Christ. Our list of validating works should include studying, serving, and giving.

It should include services like witnessing and using our abilities to respond to the needs of others.

- Accepting God’s will, instead of being offended by it. Notice in vs. 6 that there are blessings attached to not being offended by what God is doing.

We learned from this Sunday School material that there are too many who seek to destroy what they don’t understand or don’t agree with.

The danger of this mindset is that we run the risk of fighting against God’s program. If something is not contrary to scripture and surely if those who are in leadership are supportive of an idea, we should be careful about opposing the idea.

If it is not of God, it will fall. But if it is of God, we will be fighting against God. Let’s work on accepting God’s will, instead of being offended by it.

Conclusion: Let’s work on ministering to the needs of people. God has much for those who obey His will.

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