Sunday School Material 1-15-17: Praise God the Provider

(Psalm 65; 1/15/17)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that God’s people should praise Him for His many blessings towards us. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to praise God with enthusiasm because of His goodness towards us.

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Read Psalm 65:1-4

I. People’s Praise. The writer talks about the praise that awaits God in our Sunday School material. God is noted for answering prayers. He forgave overwhelming sins and transgressions. God’s people are filled with the good things of His house – the holy Temple.

Applications –

- Enthusiastic praise. Notice in vss. 1, 4, 13 of our Sunday School material the praise that is given to God. Every believer should be known for praising the Lord with enthusiasm.

It is embarrassing for the meadows and valleys (vs. 13) to shout for joy and sing, while those who claim to be believers sit like bumps on a log. Let’s work on enthusiastic praise. God is worth it. We will feel better. And people will be blessed by our positive expressions.

- Keeping our word. Notice in vs. 1 the idea of fulfilling our vows. As believers, we rarely if ever make vows to the Lord.

However, we should strive to be people who do what we say we are going to do. We can start with our Church Covenant. There is a line in our covenant that says “we will be faithful in the service that we promise others.” Marriage vows and contracts should be on our minds as well.

Let’s work on being people of our word. Since God is such a keeper of His word, we should at least strive to keep our word, since we are His representatives.

- God’s forgiveness. Notice in vs. 3 that God forgives sins and transgressions. There should be no argument about our having sin in our lives. The wages of sin is death. Jesus died to pay for our sins and to give us access to God’s forgiveness.

Let’s live like we appreciate the forgiveness of God. Such living should include asking for and receiving God’s forgiveness. Such living should include our striving to avoid sin, so we will not be guilty of using God’s grace as a license for sin. Such living should include helping others do the same.

Read Psalm 65:5-8

II. Psalmist’s Analysis. In our Sunday School material God is said to have answered His people. God answered with awesome and righteous deeds. God is the source of hope for the entire Earth. The mountains and seas are mentioned.

Applications –

- God’s power. Notice in vss. 5-7 that God performs awesome and righteous deeds. Mountains, seas, and wars (i.e., turmoil) are no match for God. Given how powerful God is, we should strive to obey Him, so He can use that power to bless us, instead of punish us.

A great sign of respecting God’s power is that we obey Him. Let’s work on respecting God’s power.

- Hoping in God. Notice in vs. 5 that the hope of the entire Earth is in God. Our hope is not in the politicians nor church leaders of our day. Our hope is not in our selves or the general goodness of people. Our hope is not in the might of America.

All of these things are uncertain. Our hope is in God who is more than stable and faithful. Let’s live like our hope is in God.

Such living should be known for continued obedience and anticipation, in spite of how bad things may look. This is because our hope is not in what we can see but in our invisible God.

Read Psalm 65:9-13

III. God’s Blessings. God cares for the land. His care is shown in the water supplies – streams and showers. The water supports the great harvest and meadows being covered with flocks. Even the fields and animals are pictured as shouting for joy and singing in our Sunday School material.

Applications –

- Global stewardship. Notice in vs. 9 that God takes care of the land. First, we should remember that God created and loves not only humanity, but He also created and loves animals, plants, and the Earth.

Second, since God loves the animals, plants, and Earth, we should be wise stewards of them. Killing animals for sport and leaving the carcass to rot, destroying trees and green space without a strategic plan, and being abusive with how we discard our waste products are all matters that we should consider.

Third, we should thank God for making the land fruitful for us. All of our blessings come from the Lord, even the blessings of a great harvest. Let’s live like we are stewards of our planet and thankful for God’s provision. This kind of living should include our involvement in saving the Earth and being thankful for whatever way God sends His blessings into our lives.

Conclusion: Let’s work on praising God with enthusiasm because of His goodness towards us. God has much for those who obey His will.

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