Submit to God

(James 4:1-10; 1/13/19; Pas. Baines, Jr.)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that God wants His people to live in submission to His will. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to live in obedient submission to God’s will for our lives.

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Read James 4:1-3

I. War with Covetousness.  

Applications –

- Fighting and quarreling. Notice in vss. 1-2 that fights and quarrels were found among the believers. ..... Let’s work on resolving our issues without fighting and quarreling

- Our prayer lives. Notice in vss. 2-3 the emphasis on prayer and focusing on God’s will. ..... Let’s work on praying for God’s will to be done. 

Read James 4:4-6

II. War with Pride. 

Applications –

- Friends of God. Notice in vs. 4 that one is challenged to be a friend or enemy of God, which is related to our being friends or enemies of the world. ..... Let’s work on being friends of God, instead of His enemies. 

-  Grace recipients. Notice in vss. 5-6 that the readers are the products of God’s grace and His desire to bless the humble. ..... Let’s work on humbling living as grace recipients. 

Read James 4:7-10

III. War with the devil. 

Applications –

- Submitting to God. Notice in vss. 7-10 that submitting to God’s will leads to blessings. ..... Let’s work on submitting to God and trusting Him to bless as He sees fit. 

- Resisting the devil. Notice in vs. 7 that the readers are called to resist the devil and he will flee...... Let’s work on resisting the devil by obeying God’s word for every area of our lives. 

Conclusion: Let’s work on living in obedient submission to God’s will for our lives. God has much for those who obey His will. 

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