Sunday School Material 1-1-17: Praise God for Creation

(Psalm 33:1-9; 1/1/17)

Introduction: A key idea in today’s Sunday School material is that God’s people should be known for enthusiastically praising Him. Prayerfully, we will be challenged to enthusiastically praise the Lord with both our lips and our lives.

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Read Psalm 33:1-5

I. Praise by the Upright. The readers are urged in our Sunday School material to sing and praise the Lord. The righteous and upright are called upon to praise the Lord with enthusiasm. Music is involved with the singing and praise. The Lord is praised because of His faithfulness and love of righteousness and justice.

Applications –

- Enthusiastic praise. Notice in vss. 1-3 the call to praise the Lord with joy. Every believer should be known for giving God enthusiastic praise and worship.

Joyful singing and shouting with the accompaniment of skillfully played instruments should be the norm of our Sunday worship services. And we should praise God throughout the week, in our personal ways.

It is sinful to sit in worship and give no or very little enthusiastic praise to God. Let’s work on enthusiastically praising God.

- Our righteousness. Notice in vs. 1 that the call for praise is rendered to those who are righteous and upright. We should make sure that we are in this number. The only way for us to be declared righteous before God is to accept Jesus as our savior, by faith.

Evidence that we have really accepted Him, as opposed to simply saying that we have accepted Him, is our desire to obey God’s will. At the core of God’s will are the issues of loving Him with all that we have and loving others, as we love ourselves. Let’s make sure that we are among the righteous.

- God’s worthiness of our praise. Notice in vss. 4-5 of our Sunday School material that the Lord is to be praised for several reasons. We should praise the Lord because He is right and true. He is faithful in all that He does. He loves righteousness and justice. The Earth that He created is full of His unfailing love.

If we were to dig into each of these items what we are sure to come up with is that God is “sho nuf good” (smile). It is easy to get church goers to say “amen” to God being good. But it is harder to get us to consistently worship and obey Him, as if He is good. Let’s worship and obey God like we know that He is a great and awesome God.

Read Psalm 33:6-7

II. Praise for His Work. There is a poetic expression of God’s creative power. In our Sunday School material the Lord spoke the heavens into existence. He breathed starry host into place. And the Lord gathered the waters of the sea into jars and put the deep into storehouses.

Applications –

- God the creator. Notice in vss. 6-7, 9 that God is the creator. First, we believe that the heavens, Earth, and they that dwell there in were created by God. Humanity is not an accident. We are a creation of God.

Second, God still has creating power. If God ever ran out of blessings that He has already created, He could simply create some more for His people. Let’s live like we trust that God is the creator. This kind of living should be known for obeying God with confidence and joy.

Read Psalm 33:8-9

III. Duties of the Created. Everybody on Earth is to fear the Lord. The Lord is to be revered because of His being the creator. In our Sunday School material not only did He speak things into existence, but what He created has stood firm.

Applications –

- Fear and reverence. Notice in vs. 8 that everyone should fear and reverence the Lord. God wants us to fear and reverence Him so much that we obey Him. He is not interested in our simply being terrified. He is calling for us to obey Him. Let’s work on fearing and reverencing God enough to obey Him.

If we are not seriously trying to study, serve, and give, we don’t fear and reverence God enough. If we are not seriously inviting and trying to bring people with us to worship and growth groups, we are not reverencing and fearing God enough. Think about how many of us feared or reverence our parents or authorities enough to obey them.

Conclusion: Let's work on enthusiastically praising the Lord with both our lips and our lives. God has much for those who obey His will. 

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