Why Is Sunday School Attendance (and Bible Study Attendance) So Important?

Sunday School attendance, as used here, is a reference to not only being faithful in the Sunday morning Bible study but any Bible study that is regularly offered at your church. Sunday School and Bible study attendance are extremely important for the following five reasons:

1. Attending Sunday School helps you develop pleasing faith in God. Without faith it is impossible to please God (see Heb. 11:6). Faith comes by hearing the Word of God (see Rom. 10:17). And faith without works is dead (see Jm. 2:17).

Sunday School and Bible Study are ways for you to hear the Word of God, so you can be encouraged to obey it.

2. It help you meet others who are serious about pleasing God. Unfortunately, there are many who go to church for reasons other than being pleasing to God. All of those who go to Sunday School and Wednesday Bible Study are not serious about pleasing God; however, the odds are better.

The percentage of those in these type of sessions who are serious about pleasing God tends to be greater than simply those who come to church on Sunday.

3. Attending Sunday School often equips you to minister to others. It leads to the development of the knowledge and confidence needed to help others grow in the Lord.

Great Sunday School and Bible Study ministries review the plan of salvation and essentials of discipleship enough that regular students become confident in sharing the information with others.

4. Your attendance encourages others to attend. When the attendance is down, it gives the impression that the sessions are not important. But when the attendance is up, it gives the impression that the sessions are important.

Just by being present, you can encourage others to attend the sessions and grow in the Lord as well.

5. These sessions help make the church stronger. The stronger the members of the church are, the stronger the church will be.

When you attend these sessions, grow in the Lord, and help others do the same, you are a part of the helping the church to grow stronger.

In summary, Sunday School attendance (and Bible Study attendance) helps you develop your faith, helps you meet others who are working on their faith, helps to equip you to help others, encourages others to attend, and helps to strengthen the church.

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