Staying Focused: Four Helpful Tips

Staying focused, as used here, is a reference to keeping one's mind, actions, and emotions pointed towards the intended goal. For disciples of Christ, we strive to keep our minds, actions, and emotions pointed towards carrying out God's will for our lives.

It is important to work on focus because the more we do for the Lord, the more He will bless us (see Lk. 19:12-27). The less we do for Him, the closer we get to being punished. The devil is doing all that he can to keep us from staying focused (see I Pet. 5:8).

The devil can use the negativity of people to help us lose our focus. People can be so self centered, have such a complaining spirit, and be so resistant to what God is doing in their lives and the church.

The following are four helpful tips for staying focused.

1. Write it down. Write down some of the things that you are trying to focus on, and review them regularly. There is a strange power in writing things down. It has a way of making your commitments more solid. It helps you see what you are saying you are focused on and what you are not talking about.

2. Look for help. Go through the numbers and look for people who can help you stay focused because of their focus on similar goals. This is what accountability partners should be about.

If the one you have is not working then you have to try someone else. You don't owe a person the time and energy of being in a lop sided accountability partnership.

3. Get rid of distractions. Do the hard work on distancing yourself from those who help you lose your focus. Some people are simply an energy drain. Everyone doesn't deserve a VIP (very important people) set in your mind.

Learn to escort them out of your VIP section. They have not paid the admission. Stop making appointments. Stop agreeing to meet. Focus on your priorities and doing what God is calling you to do, instead of spending so much time with those who are not helping you.

4. Manage your time. Manage your time in such a way that you put the things you are focused on first. We can be guilty of saying one thing is important to us and then behaving like something else is important to us. Where we spend our money, time, and energy is where our hearts are.

Everything doesn't have to be perfect. It may be that in order for you to do a great job in accomplishing your goals that you are going to have to settle for some things being done fairly well, instead of great.

For example, if Bible study is a priority and television is not then you may have to turn off the television at least thirty minutes a day and use the time for Bible study.

Staying focused is extremely important. Don't give the devil the satisfaction of having you distracted. Write down what you are focusing on.

Look for good people to help you, and distance yourself from people who are not helping you. Exam your schedule to find time to do first things first and second and third things when you can fit them in.

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