Starve Your Doubts and Fears

Starve your doubts and fears, as used here, is a reference to not giving attention and energy to those things that cause you to wonder if God will do what He said He would do and those things that make you afraid of trusting in God.

In James 1:12, James has his readers to understand that believers are likely to have some trials that they are called to endure with hope in the promised crown of life. The key idea throughout this series of devotionals is that we should remember that the crown is greater than the enduring of the trials.

In this devotional, let's focus on not giving attention and energy to the negative things in our lives. Anything that is not fed will eventually die. So stop feeding your doubts and fears.

Try not to hang around people who help you doubt and fear. Don’t read, watch, or listen to anything that influences your doubting the Lord’s care for you.

Don’t entertain anything that causes you to fear that your trials are beyond God’s plan for your life. Do an inventory of your friends and acquaintances.

Look through your CD and DVD collection. Prune your bookshelves and magazine collections. And even take a closer look at your church.

Anything that helps you doubt God and fear trials needs to be put on the "pay not attention to" list. Sometimes I have to turn off the news. Sometimes I have to turn off my Blues and R and B songs.

Sometimes I have to put some distance between my colleagues and myself, because I need all of the strength that I have to endure the trials and hard times of this life.

Sometimes I have to let go of some of the stuff that is not helping me and is often hurting me (see Ps. 1:1). Let’s endure our trials by feeding our faith and not giving attention and energy to our doubts and fears.

Self Examination
What are some things in your life that you need to stop giving so much attention and energy to because they nurture doubt and fear in your life?

What will you do to lessen the attention and energy given to the doubts and fears in your life?

Great and awesome God, the God who is greater than all of my doubts and fears, it is to thee that I pray. Thank You for the ability to focus my mind on faith, instead of doubt and fear.

I confess that I have given too much attention to thoughts of doubt and fear. Sometimes the problem has been that I have listened to the wrong music.

Sometimes, I have read the wrong book, or spent time with the wrong people. Please forgive me for my sins of doubt, fear, and my many other sins.

Please help me to keep my mind focused on trusting You. Help me to starve my doubts and fears. Thank You for doing what is best, in Jesus' name, amen.

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