Sowing for a Better Future
(Part 2)

(Ps. 126:4-6; Pas. Baines, Jr. 1/2019)

Introduction: Given a choice between being joyful or negative, most of us want to be joyful. Psalm 126 gives us principles for a joyful life. This discussion centers on how, “We should work sowing seeds of work and emotional strength.”

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Key Points:

1. Saved people ought to be known for their work ethic. Notice in Psalm 126:5-6 that the people of the text are to do the work of sowing and going. Passages like II Thessalonians 3:10b; Galatians 6:7b support the idea that if you don’t work, you should not expect to eat. When you think about how much work you put into your personal stewardship, do you like what you see?

You cannot feed the mind a steady diet of negativity and expect to be joyful. You cannot eat junk food every day and fail to exercise and expect to be healthy. You cannot spend more than you make and expect to develop wealth.

You cannot be negligent in nurturing good relationships and tolerant of negative toxic relationships and expect to have great relationships. You cannot focus on only your own interests and expect people to admire your selfless service. Let’s work on sowing the seeds of working for what we believe God has for us.

2. Saved people should be willing to work together. Notice the corporate nature of our Psalm 126 (i.e., plural pronouns). After 30 years of coming to church, we should know that we are stronger together and weaker when divided.

If we accept the notion of unity, someone will ask, “Who determines the one thing that we will be doing”? For mature Christians, this is a question of, “What does God and His word urge us to do”? For immature Christians, this is a question of, “What do I and my group want to do”?

If our churches ever decide to get back to doing God’s will as seen in the Bible, remember that the mission God’s church is to evangelize and edify God’s way (see Mt. 28:19-20). The Pastor’s job is to feed and lead the church (see I Pet. 5:1-4), which is more than being a chaplain who simply presides over the deliberations of the members.

The members are to grow in faith and follow Pastoral leadership (see I Pet. 2:2; Heb. 13:17). Saved people should work together in church and community. Let’s work on sowing the seed of working together.

3. Emotional pain is common. Notice in Psalm 126:5-6 that there are some tears and weeping. Don’t be surprised, when even after you have given your best to obeying God that you experience some tears and weeping. Loved ones can be a source of tears and weeping (e.g., the unfaithful spouse, the disrespectful and underachieving young people, and the betrayal of friends).

The church can be a source of tears and weeping (i.e., too many churches are drifting from being disciple making centers). John 11:35 says, “Jesus wept.” Let’s be mindful that tears and weeping may be experienced in our lives.

4. We can work through the pain. Notice in Psalm 126:5-6 that those in the text are expected to work through their emotional pain. In like manner, we don’t have to be held hostage by our tears and weeping.

Passages like I John 4:4b; II Timothy 2:3; Romans 8:37 give us strength in our times of emotional pain. And then Psalm 30:5b reminds us that joy comes in the morning. Let’s work on sowing the seed of emotional strength.

5. The church should help believers with “sowing for a better future.” Notice passages like Colossians 3:16 support the church being a place and a group that help believers sow for a better future. Gathered believers should remind one another that God has already done great things for us.

We should encourage one another to sow seeds of prayer, expectation, work, and emotional strength. The entire church may never be what she ought to be, but at least find a prayer and accountability partner (i.e., growth groups). Let’s work on encouraging one another to sow for a better future.

What is one thing you will take from this session and work on, in regard to your discipleship goals?

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